Provincial High Court for the first time trial webcast

10 20, the Provincial High Court on the case of a public hearing from the use of live webcast of the two cases, which is the first time the Qinghai court trial webcast. The upload video synchronization trial in Qinghai province high court official information network, micro-blog, WeChat and other new media to send a hearing notice, forwarding the trial broadcast network links, people can directly through the mobile network directly to watch the trial situation. The public is following the trial process open, public documents, the implementation of information disclosure platform three, a Qinghai court fourth open platform, marking the Qinghai court of justice open entered a new historical stage.

Provincial High Court Party attaches great importance to the work of judicial openness, and actively promote the modernization of the trial system and the ability to stand trial, relying on information technology, and vigorously promote. Has formulated the measures for the implementation of the "on the public trial (Trial)", "on the implementation of the trial live on demand actually" and "on comprehensively promote the province’s Court of public work program" requirements, the provincial high court and play an exemplary role in promoting the demonstration of the trial webcast work, under the above rate, from November onwards, the provincial high court all the business court public hearing cases were broadcast live on the internet. The province’s intermediate courts and grassroots courts in the trial after the deployment of live equipment, the introduction of Internet trial live synchronization. Comprehensive deepening of open justice, let the judicial power in the sunshine operation, to the people a better understanding, participation and supervision of judicial norms, the trial judge forced behavior, effectively improve the efficiency of trial quality and judicial ability, speed up the construction of an open, dynamic, transparent and convenient sun judicial system, and make people feel fairness and justice in the side.


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