Xining Huangshui River 6 emergency vent shut up

in order to strengthen the environmental supervision and environmental protection facilities of key pollution abatement projects, to ensure stable and efficient operation of sewage treatment facilities, to prevent unauthorized opening of the sewage treatment plant outfall sewage straight beyond the emergency action, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau seals the Huangshui River basin 4 sewage treatment plants 6 emergency beyond the outfall.

from the beginning of 2009, Xining City, vigorously promote the Huangshui River outfall remediation project, since 3 years, has invested 300 million yuan renovation of the 641 sewage outfall, sewage collection of nearly 100 thousand tons. The first second sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, third sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment plant outfall beyond 6 emergency seals, is an effective measure to protect the benefits of the Huangshui River pollution control. According to the staff of Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, by the sewage treatment plant seals prohibited from discharging pollutants from beyond the emergency discharge port, after lead from the environmental protection departments without permission shall not be opened without authorization, shall not set the sewage outfall, sewage treatment plant renovation shall not exceed the network, if the rows leakage phenomenon, administrative punishment the corresponding will be given according to the relevant environmental protection laws and regulations. Next, Xining City, three county, Gan sewage treatment plant will be incorporated into the seal management, sewage treatment enterprises emission reduction benefits of play. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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