Xining East District was national harmonious community building demonstration city title

recently, the Ministry of civil affairs of the second National Award for the construction of harmonious community demonstration unit, Eastern District of Xining city "award at the national harmonious community construction demonstration city, to become the province only award of the city.

in recent years, Eastern District of Xining city to create "national harmonious community" as the goal, to create a "community service brand" as the starting point, to further reinforce the foundation, deepen the connotation, the efforts of the new construction of harmonious community resident autonomy, orderly management, perfect service, good order, beautiful environment, civilized and peaceful, explore the establishment of a "the new community organization committee, two center, home, community". The first will be transformed into a community of "one-stop" service as a "cabinet" service mode, the staff will change from "management" to "service", realize the work process more optimized, public service efficiency is greatly improved, the community service is more close to the optimization effect of the masses, improve the efficiency of community service.


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