Xining City East District 141 households do not have housing for low-income housing worry

city to ease the housing difficulties of low-income families, to ensure that the party and the government’s public policies, this year, the east area of Xining city housing to meet the conditions of the 141 households enjoy the city issued a total of low income low rent housing rental subsidies to 3 million 551 thousand yuan, to achieve Yingbaojinbao, make no real subsistence farmers are real live.

it is reported that low-cost housing rental subsidies to enjoy the conditions are: enjoy the urban subsistence households without housing; enjoy the city’s affordable housing households, the housing estates identified by the identification of the dangerous house. Rental subsidies declaration procedures for: the conditions to apply for subsidies in line with the family, through the streets and community identification, the Civil Affairs Department of civil affairs, audit, publicity, the construction sector review, distributed to the hands of low-income families. (author: Zhou Jia Quanjun)

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