Results of anti pollution treatment Gong stretch new achievements

The day before, Municipal Committee and Secretary Ma Haiying in the city’s pollution control supervision work stressed that all relevant regions and departments should be based on the results of the consolidation of pollution control, and vigorously promote the task, to ensure that no rebound, timely rectification of the problems identified, with a high sense of responsibility, solid work style, to promote the city’s pollution control work depth development.

June 18th, July 3rd, Ma Haiying led the Municipal Supervision Bureau, municipal supervision room, office and other departments responsible for the city atmosphere, successively in the oil gas station, 61 bridge in Huangyuan County, Huangzhong County Ganhetan coal area, DOPA centralized trading market, on-site supervision and inspection of air pollution remediation work. For oil and gas recovery and reconstruction work, Ma Haiying pointed out that in the oil, Sinopec as a state-owned enterprises, to participate in the Xining pollution control work to fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise in pollution control, to complete the task of transformation by the time node gas station. For the protection of the water source of dopa, Ma Haiying requirements, Huangzhong should attach great importance to the protection of water sources, water sources to improve the surrounding environment for the people to provide safe and healthy drinking water. In the inspection and improvement of the environment around Tonghai sand factory, Ma Haiying stressed that Huangzhong county is currently on the gravel plant remediation achieved initial results, the next step according to the remediation program, to open the pit dug backfill as soon as possible, according to the provisions relating to rehabilitation, public facilities to restore the original appearance of the land, as soon as possible to eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure the safety of public facilities and smooth. At the same time, crack down on illegal mining behavior, and strict accountability of cadres of the problem.


inspection, Ma Haiying stressed that the current city pollution has made certain achievements, fully embodies the attention of the city’s pollution control work, is the concentrated expression of all aspects and perform their duties, be sure to keep this momentum will continue, be thinking not relax, work not slack, not lack of responsibility, to ensure that the city’s pollution the work has made new achievements. The next step in the relevant departments to consolidate governance outcomes on efforts to ensure that no rebound, in the slow progress on pollution control work to seriously study, come up with practical solutions, to ensure the completion of the task by the time node. Responsibility unit in the pollution control work can not say conditions, to overcome difficulties, not to complete the task of governance. All localities and departments to strengthen supervision, increase inspection efforts, so that the timely detection of problems, timely rectification, improve the effectiveness of remediation.


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