Provincial nternet llegal nformation Reporting Center opened

recently, Qinghai Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center website ( officially opened. In the future, the public found illegal and harmful information on the Internet, can be reported through the site.

is a long-term mechanism to further establish and improve the regulation of Internet harmful information, strengthen the management of the network, the fight against Internet rumors, mobilize and play the power of the masses supervision, to promote the Internet industry self-regulation, to grasp and deal with the Internet illegal information, and create a healthy, stable and harmonious internet environment of public opinion, Qinghai Province set up the Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center, reporting center website sponsored by the Internet information office.

report center website set up a report guidelines, laws and regulations, security alerts, network governance and other columns, and the creation of the Internet Illegal and harmful information reporting portal, report progress query window. Report center to promote public real name report, the rights and interests of informants will be strictly protected. After receiving the report center report, will actively coordinate the relevant departments to investigate and verify the contents of the report, and the results of the timely response to the public. Involving serious violations of illegal websites, in accordance with the law, will be exposed on the site. Welcome to the community to report center site report illegal sites and individuals, and jointly safeguard the healthy and orderly network environment.


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