Province to develop style discipline construction supervision and inspection program

Recently, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued in 2016, the province’s work style discipline supervision and inspection work program, do a good job style discipline supervision and inspection work to make arrangements to promote the continued construction of style.The "

" plan closely around the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the provincial deployment, highlighting the discipline of the party and perform the two responsibilities implementation, and the problem of corruption on the unwholesome tendencies of important nodes and key links, against the interests of the masses, and the violation of discipline, honest function seven aspects of department performance of duties, work style and discipline construction the supporting measures and carry out supervision and inspection.

the "plan" identified three kinds of supervision methods, one is to carry out cross check between 8 cities and 3 CMC; two is to require the provincial organs Discipline Committee, the provincial SASAC Discipline Inspection Commission and the Provincial Education Committee to continue to take the "sink level" approach, to subordinate units, (sub) the company, colleges and universities for longitudinal examination; the three is to rely on the year and the annual clean and honest assessment, focusing on assessment of style and discipline construction, and strive to achieve full coverage, focus on conduction to the grass-roots pressure.

the "plan" to further strengthen the "how to do" problems of accountability, clear regulations to implement the "billing pin number, supervise the implementation of the rectification; to adhere to the discipline quite before, to find the four winds problem on file for investigation, a serious violation of the central eight provisions of the spirit of the four winds problem outstanding, discipline violations, in accordance with the" Qinghai province discipline inspection organs (Institutions) of a case of double check trial "serious responsibility.


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