Temporary public parking fees for the implementation of the original standard

Driving, parking has become the focus of people’s livelihood concerns in Xining, with the growth of the number of car ownership in Xining, driving out of Xining had to pay attention to traffic information. November 1st onwards, Xining will implement the "Xining public parking lot construction management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), which will be on the parking lot of the impact of Xining people? What are the key drivers to remember Xining? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the Xining Municipal Development and reform commission.

Key A: what is the public temporary parking lot

key: two temporary parking lot of the public supervision and management

if there are complaints, the Xining municipal transportation administrative departments, district city management administrative departments to accept the social public to the public temporary parking lot management service complaints, timely investigation and mediation, and in 10 working days will promptly reply complainant.

key three: classification charge temporarily according to the original standard

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