Reflections on the use of foreign space

did a website some time ago and used foreign space. Pour everyone’s grievances here. I hope you pay attention to the purchase of foreign space, unlimited traffic, unlimited space, in fact, these for us these small sites do not matter, I mainly fancy cheap.

searched for a few days in a very famous foreign space forum in China, and determined the foreign space to buy. Never buy Xianggang second days this station is home to the closure of the mainland. Really depressed, it is estimated that some space providers shameless trick, do not care too much, the background can also visit. But you have to act as agent. read more

What are the consequences of the website filing to the access provider

many people are in the field of the preparation for the record, if you want to take a photo of this will bring great difficulties to the webmaster, for our webmaster, who want to through the network of college students, and some non occupation personnel is one disaster after another. I think a lot of people want to through the network to business is not an easy thing, even if some difficult policy, I want to make the most money not only people who want to start up business!! and at the same time will increase the gap between the rich and the poor, the rich people or not in between these sites, but for no money webmaster is nothing but a fatal blow! read more

Webmaster, is your server stable


website is the most important issue is the stability of the server, this is a novice webmaster should pay special attention to, some owners want to save money, but can not buy affordable, but more trouble, I just get started, when I met such a situation, the stability of the server will directly affect website ranking, the primary problem which is SEO. We must pay attention to, some of the company’s server problems, often cannot be accessed, and repair is a few weeks, the suffering is the webmaster, server stability has a more serious impact on the ranking, the server cannot access some website the same day, second days for third days for IP server, web data Baidu is empty, included only home page. For business sites, time is money, it can not be delayed, or the consequences will be great loss,. read more

The local station half thousand local station boss experience sharing

I now do standing experience for almost a year, and in this year, my site traffic and income basically stabilized, and the site has become the local popularity of the highest and most perfect station. Because the local station competitiveness is relatively small, has its unique particularity. Therefore, its successful experience will not affect the development of the website itself. Here I will say in detail, this year, my website is how to step by step to success?.

1, market analysis and the environment: first I said is a prerequisite, I play the network for many years, although the station didn’t understand, but some network knowledge accumulated before the station played a great help. Zhi River county has a population of nearly 400 thousand, while the urban population is 180 thousand, and the consumption level is relatively high. The site has a government information station, and the local forum has been closed for two years and has no other forums. These basic information is carefully searched on the internet. I set my goal: to build a local type of integrated forum. read more

That’s how look for links

continues "my website promotes the method and the means" the second promotion method detailed means: the sincere application links. In fact, there are already a lot of people on the Internet talking about how to apply for a link, search online, you can find a lot of ways to apply for friendship connection. In fact, the method is similar, as long as you do seriously, you must find a relatively high weight of friendship links. It should be noted that links will hardly bring traffic to your site. Now I’m going to list some of the better ways to find links. read more

Wu Longjie the company that wants to build a website needs to pay attention to the problem

with the development of the Internet, more China Internet users, more and more business owners began to pay attention to the network marketing, and network marketing is the basis of the need to create a website, so that enterprises need to pay attention to what the problem in web design company web sites, SEO needs a new revision of this article mentioned my friend’s website has changed 4 times in what kind of website, such a high frequency of the website is undoubtedly the site in the search engine rankings will be a great impact, why my friend blindly change the website? I think there are several reasons: read more

As a successful webmaster, let me tell you how succeeded

my title seems a little zhaoma meaning, but does not matter, mainly in order to attract people to come to see, I say I am a successful webmaster this may be because of my success criteria is not so high ah.

"webmaster" is a very vague definition of what people can be called the webmaster? It is usually used to have the person of the website is called the webmaster, a word is very broad, often in "webmaster" the circle mix, can be heard countless "stationmaster" complain that this industry is not good to do every day, not to earn money, work late and so on, what time is late? NetEase Sohu started too early, then you know how to make a website? When there is a search engine? SEO? Have a ready-made program lets you use? A case ready to let you learn from what? Do not, do not take their current skills and knowledge to the last century and the network entrepreneurs than to compare it, so may just call out a station on the Zhang Zhaoyang calendar harm, but the problem is that you may even have a personal home page when people started a century No, Success is by no means accidental. Success is inevitable. Successful people are destined to succeed, but those who complain will never succeed. read more

Micro business stories where the derivative is WeChat electric injury

lead: recent discussions on micro business growing, whether it is micro CEO Sun Taoyong’s SDP social distribution, pocket micro shop all electricity providers, since the media cash or Yu Minhong investment "V store", have caused no small repercussions in the derivative industry.

recent discussion about micro business intensified, whether it is micro CEO Sun Taoyong’s SDP social distribution, pocket micro shop all the electricity supplier, since the media realized or Yu Minhong investment "V shop", have caused no small repercussions in the derivative industry. The rise of micro business as early as the outbreak of O2O, if you want to inventory this year’s electricity supplier tuyere, micro business absolute list. Although I could not judge micro business can usher in the future, but it is certain that once the outlet is opened, the trend will affect the arrival of the whirlwind following Taobao, another change China e-commerce business forms. read more

2008-07-26 day PR update a bit of feeling

07-26 day, that is, yesterday, we all found that the PR value of their website has changed a lot, and this time the PR update is not the same as before. The specific performance in the following aspects:.

1: never PR station is now a high PR. I saw in the city "often go to a lot of people inside the forum said, just a few months not update the station, now have PR2, there are two dumps have PR3.

2:, a large number of sites appear PR value. Many are idle, no updates, nor do what links site, now also brought PR. read more