Cops in Police fraud probe on “open arrest”

first_imgThe two Police Sergeants who were detained at the Tactical Services Unit were released on Tuesday afternoon on “open arrest” as investigations into the alleged conspiracy to commit fraud against the Guyana Police Force continues. The ranks were arrested on Wednesday last after irregularities at the Forces’ Finance Department were discovered.A source close to the investigations told Guyana Times on Wednesday that the two Sergeants were released on Tuesday afternoon as the extended 72-hour period they had sought to hold the ranks came to an end.The source said the ranks were instructed to report for duty as per normal even as investigators continue to probe the fraud allegations.After the ranks’ arrest on Wednesday last, Police investigators had obtained permission to further detain the two colleagues on Saturday for a further 72 hours. The source had told Guyana Times on Sunday last that the Police thought it necessary to keep the ranks in custody as the investigations continue.He said the investigation, thus far, has gone to a new dimension and the sum involved has amounted to millions of dollars.The ranks were called in for questioning after a number of irregularities pertaining to the accounting system at the Guyana Police Force appeared to have been compromised.According to information received, the two Sergeants have been working within the Finance Department for a number of years.The irregularities found are with respect to monies and vouchers for ranks, who would have performed extra duties and were to receive additional payments.Among the duties some ranks were to be paid for were for working at shows, cricket games and other national events. This publication was told that the parents of one rank and relatives close to the other rank were called in for questioning on Friday last.“This is all part of the investigation process. We are dealing with serious allegations here,” the source said.In the past, Police ranks complained that they were either short-changed or in other instances, not paid at all for extra duties. There are also claims by some that they would sign for the monies but those monies are not given to them. “There are lots of allegations and [they] are all being investigated. Information is being gathered right now after which charges will follow if necessary. We are carrying a very thorough investigation because this has been going on for quite some time and we are leaving no stone unturned,” a source told Guyana Times.Efforts to contact Crime Chief, Deputy Commissioner Lyndon Alves on Wednesday were unsuccessful and the Force is yet to offer an official statement on the matter.Just recently, Police Commissioner Leslie James had urged Police ranks to desist from accepting bribes and any involvement in unlawful activities, stating that they will be “penalised”.The Top Cop had made these comments while addressing the opening of a training programme at the Officers’ Training Centre, Eve Leary, where he also stated that he is looking for a change in performance of ranks and fewer allegations of corruption. He added that while the Force will be engaging particular departments to tackle the issue of corruption; if the ranks believe that their salaries are too small, they should tender their resignation.“If you’re not comfortable with your salaries, leave the job. You came on, you were told what is being offered and you decided to become an agent of the Force. How come you have an issue with your remuneration,” the Commissioner stated.last_img read more