“The King” makes accurate predictions

first_img“Young Guns – The Proving Ground”With the intent of giving younger boxers a platform to showcase the fruits of their hard work in the ring, the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC) on Saturday evening staged their first ever ‘Young Guns – The Proving Ground’, which ironically lived up to its name.‘The King’ celebrates his easy victory with his mini meThe five-card event saw a mixture of debut boxers, females, and even an international sensation, all competing in the square jungle at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH).Like any other boxing event, the boisterous crowd was not shy to shout its approval or disapproval, creating a highly intense and competitive atmosphere.Of the first pair to take the ring, Terrence Adams, who had just one fight in his professional career — which he had won — came up against the debutant Delon Charles. The contest was indeed close, with the featherweight boxers throwing punch after punch in hope of achieving a boxer’s ultimate dream, a knockout.The four rounds of competition expired quickly, and it was not a shocker that the debutant Charles had emerged victorious. This was mainly owing to the fact that the boxing had produced a stronger final round than his opponent.James Moore enjoying his advantage over Romeo NorvilleNext to take the ring were the females. Being the only female contest on the cards, the animated audience was pumped and ready for the action. Rewinna David and Ansilla Norville had both expressed their intention to come out victorious, but on fight night it seemed as though only one boxer was determined enough. David carried an air of confidence, firing strong punches at her opponent, who could only resolve to clinch when the heat was too much. David often had her opponent on the ropes, and even though it looked like the audience would see their first knockout of the night, Norville survived. But it was no surprise that David’s hand was the one raised at the end of the bout.Given his long record in the ring, many would have thought that Anson Green would emerge victorious over his debuting opponent, but the crowd was in for a shock. Green, who has a track record of two wins and six losses, appeared certain that he would be able to demolish Joel Williamson, but it was the other way around. Four rounds of back and forth jabs saw the more experienced fighter ‘getting a run for his money’, as the humble Williamson grabbed the victory.The penultimate fight could be deemed the fight of the night, as it featured a comedy of errors. When James Moore and Romeo Norville stepped into the ring for their cruiserweight contest, the difference in the boxers was clearly visible to the energetic crowd. The tall, lanky Moore towered over his opponent and made it difficult for him to connect a punch. Try as Norville did, Moore’s advantage saw him delivering jab after jab to the head, and when the chatter from the crowd became overwhelming, Moore would dabble in taunts that entertained viewers and upset Norville’s coach. After the third round, the officials called off the fight, awarding Moore a technical knockout to take his professional career to two wins in two bouts.A glimpse of the female actionThe excitement of the previous match made the way for a great atmosphere at CASH, as the boxers prepared for the final bout. The Barbadian Keithland King had boasted upon his arrival in Guyana that he would be able to knock out his opponent Derick Richmond by the second round of their middleweight contest. Although it didn’t go exactly that way, it was a close call. The self-assured Guyanese boxer made use of the home crowd advantage, even as ‘The King’ made his grand entrance. With the fight underway, the Guyanese advanced, throwing jab after jab that often missed its target. After the first round, Richmond was visibly tiring, paving the way for King to make light work of him.Richmond barely survived the second round, the crowd going quiet as the announcement came that the match would be discontinued and a technical knockout would be awarded to the visitor, making King’s prediction off by just a short margin.Owing to the success of the first “Young Guns – The proving Ground’ card, the GBBC and organisers Clive Atwell and Dexter Marques are in talks to have a similar event each month.last_img read more