Endangered Green sea turtles found dead off WV waters

first_imgAlthough deathsand grave threats of marine animals, especially turtles, may possibly be causedby boats and ships due to its propellers, other factors could include humanintervention such as killing them to harvest their eggs for consumption and sellingthe carapace for souvenirs, getting tangled in fishing nets, and the presenceof plastics swept by our turtles. “Our Departmentalways supports the protection and conservation of our marine animals. It is agrieving moment to know some of the marine animal species dies in a violentway. We however continue with our conservation efforts to boost the turtlepopulation such as protecting their hatching areas. I therefore encourage all tostop throwing garbage into oceans that slowly but surely kill our marineanimals especially turtles,” said Department of Environment and NaturalResources regional executive director for Western Visayas Francisco E. Milla,Jr./PN A carcass ofa female Green sea turtle was found off shores of Fairways and Bluewater Boracayin Boracay Island at noontime on Jan. 2, 2020. It was identified as fairlydecomposed and has an unpleasant smell with its organs detached, coming out fromthe center of its carapace that had been sliced. Its death may have been possiblycaused by the propellers of boats or ships which crashed on its back, splittingit in two. The carcass was buried after the investigation conducted by theCommunity Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) in Boracay Island. It wasunfortunate to start the year witnessing a female Green sea turtle found deadin the shores of a resort in Boracay Island and a week later, another one was foundat Cauayan, Negros Occidental. IT’S A grievingsight ever to see carcasses especially to those animal lovers and advocates whohelp protect and conserve species and boost its population. Green seaturtles (Chelonia mydas) are one ofthe world’s largest species of turtle that can live up to 80 years in the wild ifnot harmed. They feed on marine plants such as seaweeds and sea grass. It isconsidered endangered (E) by the International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN). Photo shows a severely wounded green sea turtle found dead in the waters of Brgy. Tuyom, Cauayan, Negros Occidental. The carcass of a female Green sea turtle evidently shows some discoloration and its carapace was split at the center, showing a detached organ. It was found at the back beach of Fairways and Bluewater Boracay. Meanwhile,on the afternoon of January 13th, an overpowering smell alarmed the residentsof  Brgy. Tuyom, Cauayan, NegrosOccidental as they saw a giant carcass of a female Green sea turtle on theshores of the barangay coastal area. It has a carapace length of 90 centimetersand width of 75 centimeters. CENRO Kabankalan personnel seen discoloration onits carapace and flippers; its organs were not intact and they identified it asseverely decomposed. The carcass was buried one meter deep, after investigationwas made.last_img read more

4-H livestock winners announced at Sumner County Fair

first_imgRusk, SummerReserve Champion, BlueHappy Hustlers VanZant, SlateBlueHappy Hustlers Strnad, SammieBlueTrail Blazers DeWitt, DrewGrand Champion, BlueHappy Hustlers Lee, AliBlueTrail Blazers NamePlacingClub NamePlacingClub HEIFERS RESULTS 2013 Brown, JadonReserve ChampionTrail Blazers NamePlacingClub Rusk, TraceReserve ChampionHappy Hustlers NamePlacingClub Turek, PaigeBlueSouth Haven FFA Baker, RyleeBlue, BlueTrail Blazers Rusk, SummerBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers Wilson, HannahBlueSouth Haven FFA Theurer, ColeBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers Basinger, KamdenGrand ChampionRedwing Hughes, ShiannaBlueRed Wing Hunt, KalebBlueRedwing Bacon, SydneyBlueHappy Hustlers Rusk, HeavenBlueHappy Hustlers Hilt, IsaacBlue, BlueRed Wing McCaslin, TateBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers Hughes, TyannaBlueRed Wing Theurer, ColeBlueHappy Hustlers Witham, TatumBlueBuccaneers DeWitt, DrewReserve ChampionHappy Hustlers NamePlacingClub Bruey, KassidyBlueTrail Blazers GOAT SHOWMANSHIP RESULTS 2013 Bradbury, MikalaBlueWellington FFA MARKET BEEF RESULTS 2013 Basinger, KamdenReserve ChampionRedwing Strnad, SammieRedTrail Blazers NamePlacingClub Boyles, CooperBlueCardinals BUCKET CALF RESULTS 2013 DeWitt, DylanBlueHappy Hustlers Witham, PeytonBlueBuccaneers Hughes, TyannaBlueRed Wing MARKET HOGS RESULTS 2013 McComb, AbigailBlue, BlueWellington FFA NamePlacingClub Theurer, GraceReserve Champion, BlueHappy Hustlers Lee, TatumBlue, BlueTrail Blazers Skaggs, AlysonRedWheatwhackers Lee, AliBlue, BlueTrail Blazers Bacon, AliviaBlueHappy Hustlers McComb, AbigailBlueWellington FFA Hughes, TyannaBlueRed Wing Hughes, ShiannaBlueRed Wing Beesley, AidenWhite,Blue,Red,Blue,Red,Red,RedCardinals Heimerman, SamanthaBlue,Blue,White,Red,Red,Blue,Blue,Blue,Cardinals Baker, RyleeRedTrail Blazers Blaylock, RileyBlueSouth Haven FFA Day, MeridithBlue,Blue,Red,Blue,RedRedwing NamePlacingClub Witham, PeytonBlue, BlueBuccaneers Knight, LandonBlueWheatwhackers DeWitt, DrewGrand ChampionHappy Hustlers Boyles, LucyBlueCardinals Dvorak, CadeBlueHappy Hustlers Chase, CassidyBlueWheatwhackers Kopfer, JacksonBlue, BlueWheatwhackers Turek, WhitneyBlueSouth Haven FFA Mraz, JenniferBlueWheatwhackers Wilson, CooperReserve ChampionHappy Hustlers Blubaugh, MeganBlueHappy Hustlers Blubaugh, LanceBlueHappy Hustlers Rusk, SummerBlue, Blue, BlueHappy Hustlers Nicholson, AlexBlue, BlueSouth Haven FFA Zoglmann, RosalynRed,Red,White,White,Blue,RedCardinals Bacon, SydneyBlueHappy Hustlers Rusk, TraceReserve Champion, BlueHappy Hustlers Zoglmann, ZaneWhiteCardinals Day, MeridithReserve ChampionRed Wing Knight, LandonBlue, BlueWheatwhackers Hughes, TyannaRedRed Wing DeWitt, DrewGrand ChampionHappy Hustlers Boyles, LucyRedCardinals Turek, WhitneyBlueSouth Haven FFA Submitted to Sumner Newscow — The following are the list of 4-H livestock winners at the 2013 Sumner County Fair in Caldwell.  Buck, SamanthaExhibitionCardinals Theurer, EthanBlueHappy Hustlers HORSE SHOW RESULTS 2013 Harris, MonicaBlueFFA BREEDING MEAT GOAT RESULTS 2013 Strnad, TreyBlueTrail Blazers Theurer, GraceBlueHappy Hustlers MARKET LAMBS RESULTS 2013 Hughes, ShiannaBlueRed Wing Strnad, TreyBlueTrail Blazers Deffenbaugh, IsaacBlueRed Wing Theurer, EthanBlueHappy Hustlers Chase, CassidyBlueWheatwhackers NamePlacingClub Lathers, KayleyReserve ShowmanshipHappy Hustlers Mraz, JenniferBlueWheatwhackers Heimerman, AbigailRedCardinals Yunker, JTBlue, BlueSouth Haven FFA NamePlacingClub Hawkins, MikaylaBlue, BlueSouth Haven FFA Kopfer, LilyBlue, BlueWheatwhackers Rusk, SummerBlueHappy Hustlers Dvorak, CabrieBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers SWINE SHOWMANSHIP RESULTS 2013 HORSE SHOWMANSHIP RESULTS 2013 Denner, HunterBlueTrail Blazers Hefley, ShanlynBlueRed Wing Lee, ColbyBlue, BlueTrail Blazers DeWitt, DylanBlueHappy Hustlers Hughes, ShaneBlueRed Wing Ratzlaff, EssenceBlueSouth Haven FFA Day, MeridithGrand Champion, BlueRed Wing Taton, SamanthaBlueBuccaneers Skaggs, AlysonBlueWheatwhackers NamePlacingClub Elizabeth – continuedBlue,Red,Red,Red Theurer, EthanBlueHappy Hustlers Jaycee – continuedBlue,Blue,Blue,Blue,Red, High Point Horse-Intermediate, Basinger, KamdenBlueRed Wing Strnad, SammieBlueTrail Blazers Rusk, HeavenReserve Champion, Blue, BlueHappy Hustlers Boyles, LucyBlueCardinals McCaslin, TateBlueHappy Hustlers Lee, TitusBlueTrail Blazers Bacon, ZachBlueSouth Haven FFA Blaylock, RustinBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers Wilson, CooperBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers Denner, GageBlue, BlueTrail Blazers DeWitt, DylanBlueHappy Hustlers Bradbury, MikalaBlue, BlueWellington FFA Creed, TannerBlueSouth Haven FFA Heimerman, ElizabethBlue,Red,Red,Red,Red,White,Red,Blue,Blue,Red,BlueCardinals Theurer, ColbyBlueHappy Hustlerscenter_img Barton, ColbyBlue, RedBuccaneers GILTS RESULTS 2013 BEEF SHOWMANSHIP RESULTS 2013 Lee, TitusBlue, BlueTrail Blazers Dvorak, CadeBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers Friedman, ChristianBlueSouth Haven FFA Rusk, HeavenBlueHappy Hustlers Harris, KaralynBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers VanZant, SlateBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers McConnell, JamesBlueSouth Haven FFA Rusk, SumnerReserve ChampionHappy Hustlers Taton, SamanthaBlue, Blue, BlueBuccaneers Reyes, JessicaBlue, BlueWellington FFA Brown, JaceyBlueTrail Blazers Boyles, LucyBlueCardinals Cink, JohnBlueSouth Haven FFA Barton, ColbyBlueBuccaneers Broyles, HunterBlue, BlueSouth Haven FFA Witham, PeytonBlue, BlueBuccaneers Heimerman, SamanthaBlueCardinals Heimerman, EmilyWhiteCardinals Buck, SamanthaExhibitionCardinals Theurer, ColbyGrand ChampionHappy Hustlers Bender, MollyExhibitionCardinals Bacon, AliviaBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers Beesley, GavinRed,Blue,Blue,White,Red,Red,Red,RedCardinals Schuster, LeviBlueSouth Haven FFA Kopfer, JacksonBlueWheatwhackers NamePlacingClub Strnad, SammieBlueTrail Blazers Deffenbaugh, IsaacBlue, BlueRed Wing Emily – continuedBlue, High Point Horse-Junior,High Point Horse Reserve Champion Lee, TatumBlueTrail Blazers Theurer, JaceeBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers Witham, TatumBlue, RedBuccaneers Turek, WhitneyBlueSouth Haven FFA Harris, LucasBlueHappy Hustlers Ratzlaff, EssenceBlueSouth Haven FFA Creed, TannerBlueSouth Haven FFA Chase, CassidyBlueWheatwhackers Blubaugh, MeganRedHappy Hustlers Bender, GraceExhibitionCardinals Berline, IvyRedTrail Blazers Schettler, JayceeChampion ShowmanshipWheat Capital Kids Blubaugh, MeganBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers Hilt, IsaacBlueRedwing Dvorak, CabrieBlueHappy Hustlers McCaslin, TateGrand ChampionHappy Hustlers Toney, DaganBlue, BlueSouth Haven FFA Baker, JaceBlue, BlueTrail Blazers Rusk, HeavenGrand ChampionHappy Hustlers Denner, HunterBlue, BlueTrail Blazers Boyles, LucyWhite, Red,Red,Red,Red,Red,Red,RedCardinals Hughes, ShaneBlueRed Wing Freidman, ChristineBlueSouth Haven FFA Basinger, KamdenBlue, BlueRed Wing Strnad, TreyRedTrail Blazers Mraz, JohnhBlueWheatwhackers Nicholson, AlexBlueSouth Haven FFA Skaggs, AlysonBlueWheatwhackers LAMBS SHOWMANSHIP RESULTS 2013 Berline, IvyBlue, BlueTrail Blazers DeWitt, DrewGrand ChampionHappy Hustlers DeWitt, DylanReserve ChampionHappy Hustlers Hilt, IsaacBlueRed Wing Dvorak, CadeBlueHappy Hustlers Strnad, TreyBlueTrail Blazers Harris, KaralynBlueHappy Hustlers Dvorak, CabrieBlueHappy Hustlers Hughes, ShaneBlueRed Wing Lathers, KayleyChampion Gelding Class & Overall,Red,Red,Blue,BlueHappy Hustlers Hughes, ShiannaBlueRed Wing Kayley – continuedBlue,Red,Blue Witham, TatumBlue, BlueBuccaneers Hefley, ShanlynGrand Champion, Blue, Blue, BlueRed Wing Bacon, GarrettBlueHappy Hustlers Schuster, LeviBlueSouth Haven FFA Close Forgot password? 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Tweet this comment Cancel Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments Strnad, TreyBlueTrail Blazers Taton, SamanthaBlue, BlueBuccaneers Baker, JaceGrand ChampionTrail Blazers Lee, ColbyBlueTrail Blazers Kopfer, LilyBlueWheatwhackers Strnad, SammieBlueTrail Blazers Rusk, HeavenReserve Champion, BlueHappy Hustlers Hunt, KalebBlueRed Wing Bender, MollyExhibitionCardinals Reyes, JessicaBlueWellington FFA Heimerman, ElizabethRedCardinals Heimerman, EmilyChampion Mare Class, Red,Blue,White,Red,Blue,BlueCardinals Schettler, JayceeReserve Gelding Class & Overall,Blue,Red,Blue,Blue,Wheat Capital Kids Goble, RichieBlue, BlueSouth Haven FFA Denner, GageBlueTrail Blazers Matlock, RileyBlueHappy Hustlers Harris, MonicaBlue, BlueSouth Haven FFA Beesley, MakennaRed,Red,Blue,Blue,RedCardinals Matlock, RileyBlueHappy Hustlers Boyles, CooperRed, Blue,Red,White,White,WhiteCardinals Hefley, ShanlynGrand ChampionRed Wing Wilson, HannahBlueSouth Haven FFA Theurer, EthanBlueHappy Hustlers Zoglmann, ZaneRed,Red,White,White,WhiteCardinals Heimerman, AbigailRed,Red,Red,Red,Red,Red,Red,BlueCardinals Buck, MicaylaExhibitionCardinals Rusk, HeavenBlueHappy Hustlers Cink, JonBlue, BlueSouth Haven FFA Mraz, JohnBlue, BlueWheatwhackers Kopfer, LilyBlueOpen Class Samantha – continuedHigh Point Horse-Senior Theurer, ColbyBlue, BlueHappy Hustlers Hughes, ShaneBlueRed Wing NamePlacingClub MEAT GOAT RESULTS 2013 Jaycee – continuedHigh Point Horse Grand Champion Bacon, AliviaBlueHappy Hustlers Turek, PaigeBlueSouth Haven FFA Boyles, CooperBlueCardinals Rusk, HeavenGrand ChampionHappy Hustlers Beesley, AidenRedCardinals Beesley, GavinWhiteCardinals Lee, RhettBlue, BlueTrail Blazers McConnell, JamieBlue, BlueSouth Haven FFA Peck, AndrewRed, RedWellington FFA Buck, MicaylaExhibitionCardinals NamePlacingClub Wilson, HannahBlue, BlueSouth Haven FFA Broyles, HunterBlueSouth Haven FFA NamePlacingClub EWES RESULTS 2013 Mraz, JohnBlueWheatwhackers Baker, JaceRedTrail Blazers Zoglmann, RosalynBlueCardinals Theurer, ColbyBlueHappy Hustlers Theurer, EthanBlue, BlueHappy Hustlerslast_img read more