Camas woman facing weight loss challenges head on

first_imgLaina Harris knew she wouldn’t shed 270 pounds without hitting a wall, a weight-loss plateau.Still, she wasn’t expecting the nine-day stall that left her body aching and her scale stagnant.“It really tugged on me emotionally,” Harris said.Harris was months into her journey, having dropped more than 50 pounds from her heaviest weight of 420 pounds. After a while, the 1-mile loop she walked from her downtown Camas home became easier and easier. So she decided to increase her physical activity.Follow Laina Harris’ weight-loss journey by visiting her blog, or by following her on Twitter.Instead of walking the loop twice a day, she started hitting the trails at Lacamas Lake. She more than doubled her daily mileage and continued to follow her diet. She expected to see big changes on the scale.But for nine days, the scale didn’t budge. Harris began doubting herself.“Is something wrong with me?” she worried. “Will I ever lose more weight?”Then she met Michelle Clark, a personal trainer in Camas. Harris explained her situation, telling Clark about her exercise routine and meals. Clark suggested Harris incorporate more protein into her diet. Harris had increased the amount of calories she was burning but wasn’t giving her body enough fuel.Three days into the diet change, Harris had lost five pounds. She hasn’t looked back since.In fact, she’s continue to challenge herself.During the week, she goes on 90-minute hikes around Lacamas Lake and at Heritage Trail in Camas, logging five to seven miles a day. She reconnected with her best friend from high school, Rondie White, who has become Harris’ walking buddy and motivator. On Saturdays, the duo heads to the Gorge and spends hours hiking challenging trails.last_img read more