Severe overcrowding on Upper Berbice Region school bus

first_img– parents concerned, officials seek assistanceBy Utamu BelleRegion 10 (Upper Demerara/Berbice) officials are concerned over the reported overcrowding on a school bus, which was provided by the Russian Aluminium company (RUSAL), to transport students from the Lattersville and Hururu areas in the Upper Berbice.Regional Vice Chairman Elroy Adolph said he was recently summoned to an urgent meeting with concerned parents of students of Lattersville, concerning the issue, where it was reported that the 60-seater bus, which was initially intended for children of the company’s employees, is severely overcrowded, with well over a hundred now being accommodated.“The parents are very concerned because what was told to me at that meeting is that a lot of sexual activities take place in the bus…It’s very serious… I remember bringing it up and the REDO (Regional Education Officer) saying it’s not the Education (Department) responsibility to bring them to and fro, but I think as parents it’s concerning for us. It’s over a hundred and something children going to school from Lattersville, Hururu to Kwakwani,” Adolph stated.He said he has written to RUSAL seeking an audience and is hoping to get a response soon as it relates to including another school bus for the students. Adolph said the parents complained that they cannot afford a bus since the community is not doing well economically, as was the case in times past, since the lumber and farming industries have been on the decline.Meanwhile, Regional Councillor Charles Sampson has called on the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) to look into the situation as speedily as possible.“We need to have these situations corrected…We cannot tolerate that kind of behaviour that involves school children…We need to do something immediately to solve this situation,” he stated.Regional Chairman Renis Morian has however assured that he will write RUSAL concerning conduct on the school bus and also seek Government’s assistance in providing a bus for the students in addition to writing the Hururu Village Council. He also called for more support from the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, which he noted is least involved in the affairs of the Region.“I have written letters to this Ministry about three times about this, hence, collaboratively from the Office of the President, the RDC and Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, we should be able to deal with this matter expeditiously,” Morian said.Additionally, councillor Sandra Adams said she is aware that RUSAL gives a monthly donation to Hururu for students travelling from Lattersville.last_img read more