Mayor urges Limerick people to spend online with local businesses

first_img Previous articleTop hotel award comes after 300 staff laid off at Adare ManorNext articleEarls returns as nine Munster players named in Irish squad for Autumn Nations Cup Staff Reporter Mayor Michael Collins.LIMERICK City and County Council has joined forces with Limerick Chamber in a call to support home grown businesses by shopping local and early as the Christmas period approaches.With Level Five Covid restrictions affecting many shops across the city and county, Mayor Michael Collins has asked the people of Limerick to spend their money online with local businesses.Many of these businesses have been supported by the establishment of initiative launched earlier this year. The free online shopping platform was a response by Limerick City and County Council and Limerick Chamber to help Limerick businesses trade while their doors were closed by connecting consumers with local suppliers for their shopping needs.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up “We have an opportunity to do for the Christmas period what was done for the summer by getting behind local businesses and making sure that they   finish out this very challenging year with our support and encouragement,” Mayor Collins said.“As it is not possible to shop instore with so many businesses over the coming weeks, I would impress on the public to support them online and not immediately think of global online marketplaces as a first option.“Limerick City and County Council made this easier this year with an innovative offering by establishing the platform. Over 225 businesses have participated in this programme and we would ask the public to go to the site to explore the brilliant offering these businesses have. I would also like to call on businesses not yet registered on to do so, it’s free and you’ll be part of a wider Christmas marketing campaign.”Chief Executive of Limerick Chamber, Dee Ryan said: “There’s fantastic choice and quality across Limerick and if we all get behind this initiative, we can give local business the Christmas boost that it deserves.“It’s not alone that we support these businesses but, in doing so, we are supporting employment in Limerick. More than ever, this Christmas period is a time to ‘shop Limerick’,” she said.Local small businesses are being encouraged to avail of training opportunities over the challenging weeks ahead with Limerick Local Enterprise Office. There are still a number of places available on its ‘How to Manage a Retail Business During Uncertain Times’ course.This interactive online workshop that enables independent retailers to go back to their businesses and implement a step by step approach towards ensuring their business succeeds and improves their bottom line.A Trading Online Voucher, which is designed to stimulate a small business to develop its online trading presence is also available through the Limerick LEO with a maximum amount payable of €2,500. It can be used to develop or upgrade an e-commerce website or implement a digital marketing strategy.“Limerick businesses have made incredible efforts this year to support customers with a wide range of initiatives to support public health. The least we can do in return is support them online during what should be the busiest trading time of the year and hopefully moving to these restrictions will make a difference so we all can look forward to a safe Christmas,” Mayor Collins concluded. WhatsApp Facebook Advertisement Twittercenter_img Email BusinessNewsMayor urges Limerick people to spend online with local businessesBy Staff Reporter – November 5, 2020 179 Print Linkedinlast_img read more

Giants win streak hits seven with wild walk-off after Mets drop a can of corn

first_imgCLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos on a mobile deviceSAN FRANCISCO — It was not as unexpected or shocking as Chris Heston’s no-hitter against the Mets in 2015.It was not as historically significant as Madison Bumgarner’s dazzling shutout of the Mets in the 2016 National League Wild Card game.The eight shutout innings Tyler Beede threw Friday against the Mets weren’t even the most jaw-dropping aspect of Friday’s game, but the best outing of his career showed why the …last_img read more

Tips for sleeping well when markets are a nightmare

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The EPA released their ethanol and bio-fuel requirements last week and the estimates were close to expected results, so the market changed very little. Nothing else big happened, which made the market a little painful to watch as it generally drifted lower. Curious, I reviewed what I wrote a year ago to see if I could gain any insight. Interestingly, nearly every bullet point I wrote last year this week is relevant today except:Prices are $1/bu lessInstead of last year’s PED virus, this year we have the bird flu.No two marketing years are exactly the same, but it does seem that history may be repeating itself…. Here is my Market Commentary for May 30, 2014 CornThe planting progress compared to the last five years is on schedule and weather conditions across the Midwest have been good this week. The following are trends to keep an eye on:• End users have good coverage on through June-July, so don’t expect a rush to purchase August/September. The end users know that time is no longer on the side of the farmer.• Finished planting, farmers are looking for the opportunity to sell $5 corn again. But, without a weather scare, it is unlikely. A rally to $4.90 would be nice though but it’s not a given.• The corn board is showing technical signs it doesn’t want to rally. The market is showing a downward trend with July below $4.80. If prices break $4.60 it could grind lower as funds could sell out quickly.• Export demand is good, but not strong enough to meet supply still in farmer bins. Several elevator managers across the Midwest say a few farmers will hold corn waiting for $5 into new crop. If true, this could cause logistical issues at harvest.• Ethanol corn demand has been tricky. It has been strong and profitable, but some traders are suggesting that the amount of bushels being used could be only 95% of USDA estimates because refiners have become more efficient at the process.• The news in livestock is the PED virus shows no sign of being contained. Many wonder if this segment will use all that’s been estimated. One positive, feed ingredients remain strong relative to corn prices and the CA/TX Panhandle droughts are helping with demand.Corn values between $4.60 and $4.80 is not a sale or a buy. The market is looking for direction. There is still significant premium built in for the chance of some dry weather. Some have floated a national average of 170 per acre, while possible, I think it’s a bit early to know (it’s still May on the calendar). Remember the market will know what is going on in your fields before any of us truly have a handle on it. That is why it’s always a good idea to sell traditionally good values. That means looking back at 5- and 10-year averages, rather than using the mindset — “the market has to go up.”I have my prices in place with potential for some adjustments for the next two years. I’ve reviewed my farm operation expenses and understand the profit margins based upon these prices against yield averages/ranges. I have looked at historical markets and trends. At this time I’m not predicting another 2012 situation. I’m planning on the historical average where 80% of the time the market goes lower through summer. I’ve reduced risk and I know I’m profitable for the next two years. If we get a drought and prices rally I’m happy with that because that will allow me to price 2015 and put protections in place for 2016.Reducing risk is the most important thing in my operation and my marketing strategy. My goal is not to pick the top on in the futures market, although it’s on my wish list every year. My strategy is to never wonder if I’m going to be profitable because of market conditions. Based upon 10-year yield results I know I am through 2015. I sleep very well at night…well until my 15-day old baby cries at 1am and again at 4 a.m. 2015I am surprised by all the similarities between this year and last. (Even my now one-year old had an ear infection this week, which kept me up last night.)What do you think is going to happen?I have 100% of my 2015 crop priced with futures at $4.71. I also have a good start on our 2016 crop priced at $4.65. Ideally, the market will rally, so I can sell more 2016, but I’m not sure that will happen.Another huge crop like last year, could create even bigger corn carryout. Many say this can’t happen, but the technology in those $250 seed bags is getting better and better every year. Our farm has seen tremendous yield growth the last two years (during good weather conditions), so I think it’s certainly a possibility. However, it’s still early, anything is still possible. I mean, $3 corn is possible if conditions are right and if they aren’t well $5 could still be in the cards Farmers need to focus on reducing their riskWhile weather conditions change and market prices move unpredictably, one thing that is consistent year to year in our marketing strategy — reducing our farm operation’s risk and staying profitable. My goal each year isn’t to pick the top of the futures market (even though I try to). My goal is to never worry if the farm will be profitable due to shifting marketing conditions. Historically, 10-year yield result averages indicate I will be profitable in 2015. So, I sleep very well at night — when my little kids let me.Jon grew up raising corn and soybeans on a farm near Beatrice, NE.  Upon graduation from The University of Nebraska in Lincoln, he became a grain merchandiser and has been trading corn, soybeans and other grains for the last 18 years, building relationships with end-users in the process.  After successfully marketing his father’s grain and getting his MBA, 10 years ago he started helping farmer clients market their grain based upon his principals of farmer education, reducing risk, understanding storage potential and using basis strategy to maximize individual farm operation profits.  A big believer in farmer education of futures trading, Jon writes a weekly commentary to farmers interested in learning more and growing their farm operations. Trading of futures, options, swaps and other derivatives is risky and is not suitable for all persons.  All of these investment products are leveraged, and you can lose more than your initial deposit.  Each investment product is offered only to and from jurisdictions where solicitation and sale are lawful, and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in such jurisdiction.  The information provided here should not be relied upon as a substitute for independent research before making your investment decisions.  Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC is merely providing this information for your general information and the information does not take into account any particular individual’s investment objectives, financial situation, or needs.  All investors should obtain advice based on their unique situation before making any investment decision.  The contents of this communication and any attachments are for informational purposes only and under no circumstances should they be construed as an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation to buy or sell any future, option, swap or other derivative.  The sources for the information and any opinions in this communication are believed to be reliable, but Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of such information or opinions.  Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC and its principals and employees may take positions different from any positions described in this communication. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. He can be contacted at [email protected]last_img read more

Grooveshark Pens an Angry Open Letter to the Music Industry (cc’s Google, Apple)

first_imgRelated Posts The peer-to-peer music streaming service Grooveshark has had a series of run-ins with mobile providers. Its iOS app was pulled from the App Store in August of last year, and its Android app was booted from the Android Marketplace earlier this month. The company has now fired back at the music industry and at Apple and Google, contending there’s nothing illegal about its app.Grooveshark works differently than many other streaming music services. Rather than solely relying on licensing deals with the record industry in order to offer music content (streaming or downloads), Grooveshark users upload their songs to the catalog, which can in turn be streamed by anyone with the app. That peer-to-peer element clearly runs afoul of the record industry’s longstanding argument that this sort of sharing is stealing.Grooveshark insists that it complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and that it processes takedowns as they’re filed. Indeed, the company says it’s taken down over 1.76 million files and suspended the upload privileges of over 22,000 users.Grooveshark says it focuses on licensing with these individual users, but it is also working to secure rights with record labels. It touts licensing deals with over a thousand labels, as well as payment agreements to performing rights organizations. “These are not the characteristics of a company ‘dedicated to copyright infringement,” something that the RIAA and labels have accused. Grooveshark makes it clear in its open letter that it wants to defend its name: “In light of the recent misleading press concerning Grooveshark’s application, it is important to make clear that we will defend our service, and the letter and the spirit of the law, in court and in Congress. We will defend our name and our ideals for the sake of our users who expect modern delivery systems and comprehensive access across devices, for the sake of artists and content owners who fear another decade of decline, and for other innovators who continue to bring new ideas to market through the expression of creativity in the form of technology.”For Android users who want to skirt the ban from the Android Marketplace, you can download the Grooveshark app directly from the company homepage. For iPhone users, well, you’re out of luck. 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnoutcenter_img Tags:#music#web 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… audrey watterslast_img read more

A New Golden Age Of Productivity Software Is Dawning

first_imgIn this world, it may be far better to have capable community managers then spreadsheet wizards. The TCHO chocolate factory in San Francisco is considering a iPhone app that lets fans of its uber-pricey chocolates access shop floor cameras to watch the chocolate being made. Could a PowerPoint presentation promote the company’s product any better (or even as well)? Similarly, many job candidates might soon be better off curating a selection of tweets, news and images in a personalized Flipboard magazine than creating a traditional resume in Word or Powerpoint. Flipboard, which isn’t technically classified as a productivity app, has received $60 million in venture capital. These new forms of productivity and creativity are enabled by our new tools. Thus, those focusing on building a mobile alternative to PowerPoint or Word, for example – Microsoft included – likely will miss the larger opportunity borne of billions of smartphones and tablet.   The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Microsoft’s Office is an excellent business tool, albeit one designed for a personal computing era that is quickly fading – one in which large, stationary screens, mouse and keyboard input are the norm, and which favors feature-rich applications over task-based “apps.”  Cars, Not Trucks There are already over one billion smartphone users, many of whom are “mobile only” or mobile-first users. As Steve Jobs said at the D8 Conference in 2010:When we were an agrarian nation, all cars were trucks because that’s what you needed on the farms. Cars became more popular as cities rose, and things like power steering and automatic transmission became popular. PCs are going to be like trucks. They are still going to be around (but only) one out of x people will need them.According to the NVCA, venture capital groups in the U.S. have poured $4 billion into “business/office” software since 2010, the year Apple launched the iPad.Look at the popular “productivity” apps in Apple’s App Store and you can see the beginning of new forms of work, collaboration and value creation emerging:Dropbox, which allows users to store, access and share their media and files wherever they have a connection, has received over $250 million in funding. The app Task cleverly combines color and gesture for to-do lists.Evernote – with $250 million in venture capital backing – has built an entire ecosystem around productivity-enhancing applications for mobile devices. FiftyThree, the company behind the popular and highly innovative Paper app – available on iPad only – announced a $15 million Series A funding round last week.FiftyThree’s goal for the cash is “to build the essential suite of mobile tools for creativity.” But don’t let that phrase fool you – in today’s world it may be that creativity is the new productivity.After all, does a well-constructed 15-second Instagram video for a new brand drive more value than the well-researched business report an analyst created in Word? Is a single, clever Vine video more powerful than a PowerPoint presentation delivered in front of a thousand people at a prestigious industry conference? Can Excel effectively capture the value of an individual check-in? What about millions of check-ins?  Value And Productivity Are ChangingThere was a time when seemingly every personal computer had a copy of Office installed. Those days are gone. Social connectivity and collaboration fostered by mobile personal computing devices are enabling new forms of business.Consider the rapid growth of the “sharing economy,” propelled in large part by smartphones that offer location-aware, real-time connectivity.Last year, a University of Michigan study found that social media and online communities can be extremely valuable to businesses. Within a virtual community it said, “members could recommend products, share reviews, create favorite lists and socialize with each other online.” A deeper dive into the data found that a network member with more “friend” connections was more likely to spend more. As Microsoft struggles to bring its lucrative Office franchise to Android, iPhone and iPad, investors and developers are seizing the opportunity to create business and productivity software optimized for the new era of mobile computing.  Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement brian s hall Related Posts Tags:#App Economy#Apple#iPad#Microsoft#Microsoft Office These new tools won’t tend to look anything like Word, Excel or PowerPoint – nor Apple’s iWorks, nor Google Docs. Instead, they will leverage the strengths of mobile computing. They will be touch-based, real-time, collaborative and highly visual.New Computers, New Tools, New WorkAt the dawn of the PC age, many of those connected to the mainframe and minicomputer industries failed to understand how the humble “personal computer” was going to change everything, business included. It did.  (See also Ballmer’s Latest Blunder: No Office For iOS And Android Till 2014)Just as there was no “Office” for mainframes or minicomputers, there’s no reason to think that any “port” of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, no matter how good, will flourish in the new era of mobile computing. Who still recognizes the output of a Honeywell minicomputer, for example? last_img read more

Solskjaer Sanchez Lukaku must prove themselves

first_imgManchester United caretaker boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has warned Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku they must prove their worth on the pitchBoth forwards fell out of favour with former manager Jose Mourinho towards the end of his reign in charge of United as they struggled for form.Sanchez, who hasn’t played a single minute of football for United since their 0-0 draw against Crystal Palace on November 24 due to a hamstring injury, has just the one goal to his name in 12 appearances this season.While Lukaku has managed six goals in 21 games for United and is yet to play under Solskjaer ahead of Sunday’s encounter with Bournemouth in the Premier League.And the Norwegian warned the pair that they’ve got to prove their worth if they want a place in his team – just like Paul Pogba’s done.“Romelu, Anthony [Martial] and Alexis they were light, light [training] yesterday so hopefully they can join part of the training today and let’s see after how they come through,” said Solskjaer, according to BBC.harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…“I cannot do anything for their performances on the pitch; Paul has done it.“I’m here to keep them on the path and it’s up to them when they get a chance – that’s the name of the game as a footballer.“I gave some guidelines of course on expression, freedom of expression but that’s how I’ve always been as a manager – just enjoy playing for this club.“That’s the best time of your life, but it’s not a bad time to be manager for a while.”Solskjaer has won both of his matches in charge of United.last_img read more