Peng Hongwei nternet auction shopping integrity is the kingly way

According to the Information Office of the State Council on

China published before "China Internet" white paper above data show: Chinese online shopping users has more than 100 million people. 2009, China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to more than 3 trillion and 600 billion yuan. With the rapid increase of Internet users and online shopping users, China’s e-commerce has been rapid development, e-commerce model is also in constant innovation and improvement, in order to provide a better service to hundreds of millions of online shopping users. As we are familiar with the original Taobao C2C, through continuous improvement and upgrading, into the present B2C2C, Jingdong mall B2C, the layout of the main urban logistics distribution center. Baidu has ah X2C, improve and upgrade at the same time in the traditional mode of e-commerce, has also spawned a new model of e-commerce company more, in some places, mainly in the online platform and offline store mode of operation, and to a combination of entertainment and online shopping auction shopping e-commerce platform if you point the auction mall. There are currently the most popular to the United States as the representative of the group buying site, etc.. E-commerce model is only you can not think of, can not do without. read more

E-commerce platform to provide nanny services for export

in the Yangtze River Delta region’s first national e-commerce platform – Jiaxing international e-commerce application platform before the date issued since September last year, since the formal operation of the first performance report ", report shows that in 3 months time, the platform has accumulated more than and 600 export enterprises in our city to provide more than 5 thousand procurement information, in order to increase security and Paul orders under the pressure of foreign trade in Jiaxing provides a solution of" E era ". read more

A laptop in the eyes of 618 electricity supplier price war

in the 618 electricity price restless battle yesterday ", in whose heart hurt?" the article mainly introduced the 618 anniversary of the main activities of the electricity supplier, with the right has been Lenovo Y400N-IFI ready to start to join the major electricity supplier gangster, discovered that in fact is not like before mentioned, the original you chiefs have left hand


Mall: leading bags, clothing shoes clearly say special, today suddenly changed their mind, to the four war zone, respectively, Liu explosion area, the category of special promotions, brand promotion, special member Liu District, the scene is very lively, it is said that the early morning of June 18th, only 7 minutes appliance category sales have exceeded 40 million. In the shopping search box enter the Lenovo Y400N-IFI, GT650 CPUi5 graphics model, but said no goods, even more exasperating is the type into a Y400M, Liu do not take this end of the read more

Clever use of micro-blog e-commerce website promotion

behind every micro-blog user, is a living consumer. The micro-blog platform has become an important channel for many enterprises brand image and product sales. Micro-blog e-commerce marketing, not only improve product sales, but also enhance the interaction of word of mouth.


contact micro-blog also has a long time, but only recently in the micro-blog play seriously, with friends in the industry of communication and discussion, the number of fans to achieve ten thousand, the Internet spread over ten thousand fans to the equivalent of a small star, you can earn a bus fare through micro-blog, though micro-blog said only a short time, but I have found true by micro-blog to do e-commerce companies is still relatively small, most of the company may be currently in a wait state, the only bold go out of the most fire group purchase website, whether or micro-blog, are everywhere in the shadow of group purchase. It is not difficult to find that the current fierce competition in the e-commerce industry, who can take advantage of the fastest speed micro-blog marketing, who is king. read more

The plastic APP to take a look at the end of the US

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Kevin Tsai in the new issue the "wonderful" show, talking about "coming out" about the tears collapse. But did not cause much waves in the netizen, "gay" sensitive words as the era of the past, a lot of friends saying, "what is the elder sister is gay, Yan Xinglian!" search on # Yan Xinglian # topic on micro-blog, a short time accumulated more than 27 thousand discussion. "The official explanation Xinglian Yan" is the kind of love — read the face, let a person can be bent straight people. So color value is higher than all! read more

From the errands run up to see the online business difficult

errands, from the name sounds very interesting. As the name suggests, is to provide specialized errands errands, and some compensation for the paid service. The development of errands, known as lazy economy or economic man. The reason is that with the development of economy and society, people are getting more and more money, but the pace of life is fast, the intensity of work, some people would rather spend money to do, do not want to do or have no time to do. Take the domestic industry for example, rich people spend a nanny, is lazy economy, a kind of economic man. Errands industry and domestic industry is different, its business scope is mainly reflected in two words on errands, such as send flowers, lead generation parcel, purchasing the ticket, pay utilities, queuing generation and so on, and brought out for an apology, on behalf of courtship etc.. read more