DG chapter Su Yang electricity supplier will eventually be equal to the department store profits


technology news December 21st evening news, in China power Chinese capital peak tour forum, IDG technology venture investment fund partner Zhang Suyang said, e-commerce not mysterious, needs to be treated. The difference between e-commerce and the future of the department store only lies in the number of customers, and the actual profit line of e-commerce and online department store is not much difference.

Zhang Suyang said that e-commerce needs to be treated with a common heart. In fact, the situation of e-commerce to make money, and finally the department store almost. That is to say, you Jingdong (micro-blog) can not be a United States and Suning, so I look at the Internet is not possible to do a. So how we feel. Do you do online or offline, and finally your profit is almost the same." read more

Pay for copywriting training n fact, free is the most expensive

this article from the "free is the most expensive," the beginning of this sentence.

from the beginning of 2010, Yu of extraordinary technical field of hackers gradually to the field of network marketing transformation, in some network marketing and network training, the training instructor most often say that I mentioned this sentence – free is the most expensive, but when possible because of the mind is still immature, what is not too deep understanding of this sentence, at the time of some things in the understanding of Internet marketing or habitually and technology in the field of thinking together, feel free is the most expensive "meaning should be a lot of hacker training network station charge a few hundred dollars or a thousand courses in the Internet there are a lot of free learning, these free courses are great value. I believe that many of the network may be the same as I thought at the time. read more

You can also promote network promotion

do not know what time from the beginning of my friends around slowly many sites, there are also large roots. I have often heard the sense of the SEO, Links, optimization, spiders, corn and so on. Some have never heard the word line. Just like "spider", call a friend for a long time to get over to explain, the original "spider" is a vivid metaphor, it is sent to the search engine to view the contents of the article, your site search keywords, generates an index and then on your website as users search engines to search for information show your website has not been included on the basis of! read more

How to do a good job tracking effect, the selection of the method is the key!

I am an extension specialist, doing the job is my responsibility and the main content of my daily work. So every day I toss about question is how to do a good job tracking extrapolation effect! And like many people, I also understand before the extrapolation is boring, as I found time to do deep extrapolation work is not difficult, the key for


for the tracking effect how to make this extrapolation problem I think has not come back, but no matter how to do also cannot do without "repeat" and "trivial" such words, until once accidentally saw a netizen released share extrapolation stickers, I understood why, I do it the trouble is, because from the source has been around the far, no shortcuts, so it is natural to go the long way more than others. The users also do network extrapolation work, but they are not as dumb as my daily manual query results. He wrote in the "track extrapolation effect how to do" in the article, he has been using a cloud claw analysis of network marketing intelligent processing platform management system, whether it is tracking keywords occupying the status quo, the news source competition situation, competition situation, effect of the amount of information platform present situation, effective news source status etc. can one go, automatic generation of data analysis report, the extrapolation results at a glance, don’t worry about not enough time to work or do other conditions, simply enter a few numbers, simple operation has obvious effect, in the past to spend the day time to sum up the results in the cloud network marketing management system analysis of claw assistance it takes less than 10 minutes to complete, read more

WeChat public account quickly increase the amount of fans marketing analysis

with the government of WeChat public account and submit to the Tencent’s management, the government will look management decentralization, but in fact WeChat public account management has become more strict, because if the Tencent management, it will cause the corresponding punishment for an enterprise constitute punishment, for the enterprise will suffer heavy losses so WeChat public account recently to promote the added powder becomes very difficult.

but in the world of marketing, there is always a policy, there are countermeasures, as long as you can cut into the core of the policy, and accordingly innovative marketing, the same can get good marketing results. Moreover, WeChat itself has social, is also an important carrier of the construction of marketing network, so only need to make appropriate innovation, will also get good marketing effect, this paper summarizes several methods for promotion of powder, and a solid foundation for your marketing career lay. read more

The status quo and the way out of WeChat position marketing

micro-blog marketing ascendant, WeChat marketing has been in full swing. However, compared with the early micro-blog grassroots large earned disk full bowl compared to WeChat grassroots want to do a large amount of money can not be so easy. Recently many penguins ban advertising grassroots large, perhaps in order to avoid the occurrence of sina micro-blog profit model? This leads to a lot of WeChat from micro-blog to WeChat on the loss of good managers to look forward to, and switch to do anything else, even now rarely heard bad mouthing micro-blog’s remarks. read more

Many Jingdong secret digital mall seven secret burn industry

statement: the number of the electricity supplier for the Internet to spread the numbers and I actually investigate

secret 1: what is the sales volume of Jingdong?

Jingdong has been known to their 2010 sales volume is 10 billion 200 million, 2011 30 billion 900 million, but according to the delivery data show that its sales volume is only 21 billion, but at the end of 2011 Jingdong by big customers of enterprise development and mass distribution pattern of Paohuo, as the number of end users through the online shopping consumer is generated, it can make nothing of it, I am afraid discount. read more

Cross border electricity supplier farewell 0 tax, the last wave of preferential attack

days ago, cross-border retail electricity supplier will implement the import of new tax news, finally confirmed the relevant departments of the state, "0 tax era" is coming to an end. For the new deal to take the largest part of the business model to take part in the bonded, in order to catch up before the implementation of the new deal to clean up inventory, have started to dump goods model. It is reported that the well-known domestic electricity supplier suning.com from the end of the month to open a "clear inventory model really is the theme of the half off rest assured purchase. read more

Where the electricity supplier or died of a bad user experience

huge investment, the founder of brilliant history, all over the subway sensational advertising, where the first big sales Chinese own brand in the market continue to attack cities and capture territories electricity supplier. However, the recent spread of the negative news, the possibility that the giant PPG all over again looks more and more.

where is the problem?

I think the biggest problem where the customer is a poor user experience. Last year, I bought a pair of shoes in every guest on. Get the hand, feel the quality is very general, because the price is very cheap, so it does not matter. This year, JiaBuZhu guest turns SMS, mail, subway advertising campaign, and bought a pair of canvas shoes, a pair of casual slippers. Shoes for a few days, disappointed. Canvas shoes feel extremely poor quality shoes, tail cloth there is a moment where the customer brand plate toss about, in my mind is equal to inferior goods. Another leisure slippers, if I am hard to squeeze, the foot will blister; if not hard, feel free to foot slipped out. From then on, I know I will never buy every guest products. read more

Darunfa in electronic commerce in traditional retail enterprises can counter attack

speed transit online sea news after the retail giant WAL-MART, Metro, recently announced a retail enterprise Darunfa into electricity supplier industry. It is reported that Darunfa company registered in Shanghai set up a joint venture company, flying cow Jida of electronic commerce, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. The electricity supplier website will be launched at the end, after the completion of consumers can buy goods on the Internet, the goods will be from the receipt of the RT Branch issued recently. read more