Phil Lesh Says ‘A Certain Spirit’ Was Missing From The Grateful Dead After 1975

first_imgAccording to Phil Lesh, the Grateful Dead hasn’t been the same since their five-night run at San Francisco’s Winterland in October of 1974. They took a brief hiatus, playing only a few shows in 1975, before returning to the stage full-time in June of 1976. They continued at this rate up until Jerry’s dead in 1995.The August issue of Rolling Stone magazine features a spread on the beloved bassist. Entitled “The Last Word”, journalist David Fricke asks Lesh what the best part of the GD’s success was for him, to which he responds: “It was wildly successful for me until we took the break from touring [in 1975]. When we came back, it was never quite the same. Even though it was great and we played fantastic music, something was missing.”“It’s hard to pin down – a certain spirit. It would come back now and then, on some awesome evening, some particularly great performance. But that was even more frustrating, because it would disappear again for X number of shows, just disappear,” he continues, referencing specific times in 1977, 1985, 1989, and 1991. While none of us will ever relate to Phil’s sentiments, we respect his opinion and are grateful for the years and years of music he’s contributed to our lives.Thanks to YouTube user voodoonola, you can enjoy some of the 1974 performances below:[H/T JamBase]last_img read more

The Disco Biscuits Drop Super Mario-Themed New Year’s Video [Pro-Shot]

first_imgThis past weekend, The Disco Biscuits finished off their four-night run at PlayStation Theater in the heart of New York city by ringing in 2018 with a special video game-themed New Year’s Eve celebration. Featuring three extensive sets from the band, the Biscuits weaved in between their classic original numbers and themes from old-school video games such as Tetris, Super Mario, Duck Tales, and more.The Disco Biscuits Level Up With Video Game-Themed New Year’s Show [Watch]To set the tone for the rest of the night, to kick off the group’s second set, the Disco Biscuits’ opened with a jubilant take on the Super Mario theme, using the upbeat melody as a jumpoff point for an extensive jam rife with video game sounds and intense energy. Throughout the second set, the band kept up with the video game tones, using them throughout their classic numbers like “Aceetobee” and a return to “Basis For A Day”.You can check out a newly released video of the Disco Biscuits’ cover of the Super Mario theme below, courtesy of the band.Setlist: The Disco Biscuits | PlayStation Theater | New York, NY | 12/31/2017I: Pac Man-> Caves of the East-> Basis for a Day-> Duck Tales Moon Board, Helicopters-> Bionic Helix-> And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night (inverted)-> 42 (ending)II: Super Mario-> Aceetobee-> Basis for a Day-> Tetris-> Aquatic Ape (inverted)-> AceetobeeIII: Little Lai-> Super Mario Underworld Jam-> Little Lai, Mindless Dribble-> 7-11-> Basis for a Day, Strobelights & Martinis-> HelicoptersE: Frog Legslast_img read more

12 Stable flies

first_imgBackyard compost piles can be a source of stable flies, and youreally don’t want that. Stable flies look a lot like housefliesbut have one important difference. They bite. Volume XXXINumber 1Page 12 About the size of a housefly but with dark, irregular spots onits abdomen, stable flies have biting mouthparts through whichthey suck blood. The mouthpart, or proboscis, protrudes bayonet-like in front of its head.In the South, stable flies may breed all year, but they’re mainlypests in the spring and fall. The female lives about a week andlays 100 to 400 eggs during her lifetime.The larva is a typical whitish maggot. The pupal case is chestnutbrown and about a quarter-inch long. The complete life cycle of astable fly can take 14 to 24 days from egg to adult during warmweather.Why compost?The female fly deposits eggs in spoiled or fermenting plantmatter, such as decomposing grass clippings or hay. Larvae feedon this rotting organic material, then pupate nearby. Adult fliesemerge several days later.It’s important, then, to make sure you’re composting properly.Otherwise, you could be helping supply the neighborhood withbloodsucking flies.Both male and female stable flies feed on blood, which they getby piercing a host’s skin with their syringe-like mouthparts.They stay on the animal long enough to get a blood meal and thenseek a shaded place along a fence, barn wall or feed bunk or invegetation to digest it.Fierce bitersStable flies prefer to feed on cattle. But they’ll attack horses,dogs and other animals, too. At times, stable flies can beplentiful along the coast, too, feeding on beach-goers’ ankles.On animals, they feed on the lower portions of the body,primarily the legs and lower belly. On dogs, they feed around theperiphery of the ear, leaving the margin scabbed and bleeding.The stable fly’s bite is painful, and cattle try to dislodge themby stamping their feet, switching their tails and twitching theirskin. When flies are abundant, they’ll try to avoid them bystanding in water or bunching up, each trying to get to thecenter of the group.Horses likewise kick and stamp to deter these flies. They canmake shoeing hazardous for farriers.Contact your University of Georgia Cooperative Extension countyoffice to learn more about properly maintaining your compost pileand controlling stable flies.last_img read more

State wants to increase UI tax, cut benefits

first_imgThe Vermont Department of Labor is proposing that the state increase the tax charged to businesses to support the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund and should also decrease the benefits paid to unemployed workers in order to head off a deficit in the trust fund.Labor Commissioner Patricia Moulton Powden presented her department s Unemployment Insurance Reform Proposal ( is external)) to the Government Affairs Committee of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce yesterday.Powden pointed out that the trust projections show that benefits will increase to $160 million in 2009, while contributions from employers will only be $55 million. However, that $160 million assumes only a 6.3 percent average unemployment rate. The Vermont unemployment rate stands at 6.4 percent (December 2008) now and economists expect it to increase throughout the year. The projections Powden presented in the proposal would put the fund into a negative balance of $100 million in 2010 and continuing in a downward trend. By 2015, the deficit would reach $300 million.Labor s projections were based on a model developed in November 2008. The projected average unemployment rates are 6.7 percent for 2010, 6.0 percent for 2011 and 5.0 percent for 2012, all of which seem optimistic based on current economic data.The federal government guarantees unemployment benefits to workers. If the state is not able to pay benefits, the federal government would lend the state money. The state would need to borrow nearly $100 million in 2010, which would cost it about $1.8 million in interest in that first year. By 2015, the cash advance would reach more than $300 million a year and cost more than $14 million in interest. By that time, the state would be required to pay back about $21.5 million on the principal.Powden was lobbying the Chamber to gain support for the Douglas Administration s proposal before the administration sends a bill to the Legislature.The basic details are these: The state currently charges at the Level IV rate, the second highest level. Employers are charged between 1.1 percent to 7.7 percent on the first $8,000 of each employees wages, depending on an employer s experience rating, that is, how frequently they ve laid off workers in the past. The more an employer has laid off workers, the more they re charged.The state proposes increasing the rating to Level 5 in 2010, which would push the range from 1.3 percent on the low end, to 8.4 percent on the high end. The wage base would also be increased in two phases, from $8,000 to $14,000 in 2010 and from $14,000 to $20,000 in 2011. This will increase contributions by $44 million the first year and by another $41 million the second year. The proposal would have the increase begin to sunset in 2014.The major piece on the benefit reduction side would have weekly benefits reduced from $425 to $409 starting in 2009. It would also reduce the average wage replacement from 57 percent, the 17th highest in the nation, to 50 percent, which would be more typical compared to other states.The state is also proposing eliminating the optional trigger for state extended benefits. Triggers are used in case the unemployment rate remains high for an entire quarter. By eliminating the state optional trigger, the federal option would kick in instead, thus saving the state some more money.The bottom line with these proposed changes would be a negative balance of about $35 million in 2010 and negative $36 million in 2011 before returning to a positive balance of almost $7 million in 2012. It would grow from then and would be almost $186 million in 2015.For comparison, the proposal suggests that total unemployment benefits will be $154 million in 2009 with $55 million employee contributions; remain about the same benefit level in 2011 with nearly $100 million in contributions; benefits decreasing to $136 million in 2011 with $140 million in contributions; benefits of almost $111 million in 2012 with $144 million in contributions as the fund moves back into a positive balance; and looking farther forward, the benefits would be $89 million in 2015 with $143 million in contributions.Powden said the state wants to balance the pain between recipients and contributors so that neither group will have to carry the load themselves. She said increasing contributions only from employers would require contributions to increase from the current $55 million to $180 million. This she said could force already struggling firms out of business, which would lead to even more layoffs.last_img read more

Ultralight Pioneer Montane Introduces New Apparel

first_imgThe UK’s Montane is a pioneer in the fast-and-light movement, and was one of the first manufacturers to work with the game-changing Pertex ultralight fabric several years ago. Now 18 years old, Montane continues to make inroads into the U.S. apparel and equipment market as well as in design, style and versatile functionality. They support sustainable manufacturing and humane down sourcing and are committed to giving back to mountain rescue through various non-profits. Montane goes the extra mile in every circumstance to reduce weight and bulk while maintaining the highest durability and quality.This spring they introduced quite a few new packs for backpacking, all the way through vests for trail running, as well as six new sleeping bags. They have also added several new shells, a softshell climbing jacket, and windproof trail shirt and jacket. These pieces make great cross-overs for Southeastern fowl weather hiking, unpredictable spring weather and winter squalls. Here’s a look at two standouts.Trailblazer Stretch ShellTRAILBLAZER_STRETCH_JKT_BLUE_SPARK_ANGLEDA bi-component waterproof laminate fabric (AquaPro Dynamic) with hydrophobic and hydrophilic membrane and taped seams offers four-way stretch and a highly sophisticated vapor/liquid perspiration management system for year-round mountain trail use from backpacking to trail running. True to its European roots, a tailored fit adds to full body protection during movement. It features a fully adjustable, stow-away Trail hood with a durable visor (single-hand adjustable face aperture with floating cordlocks improves simplicity and functionality). A full-length center YKK matte Aqua Guard front zip with side stretch panels and internal storm flap allows greater torso movement. Weight: 12.7oz / 359.4g (Size M); Sizes: S – XXL (MSRP $259)Aero eVent PulloverAERO_EVENT_PULLOVER_TANGERINE_DARK_TANGERINE_FRONTAnorak-style pullovers are trending for SS14, and the Aero is no exception, featuring lightweight eVent 3-layer construction. It features a technical hood with asymmetric YKK Aqua Guard zipper to maximize venting and enhance comfort. This stylish piece is designed for mountain walking, fast alpine ascents, trail running and mountain marathons. The Aero also features Montane seam taping, engineered tailoring, and the Trail Hood. A rear back vent adds breathability and a roomy front pocket is mesh lined for even more ventilation. Weight: 278.7g / 9.8oz (Size M); Sizes: S – XXL (MSRP $379)last_img read more

Haiti camp evictions begin ahead of rainy season

first_imgBy Dialogo April 13, 2010 Police moved to evict thousands of homeless quake victims Saturday from squalid encampments in Haiti’s capital, even from the pitch of the country’s national stadium. Beginning late Friday, contingents of the Haitian National Police began breaking down tents and other shelters in the Sylvio Cator stadium, almost three months after the January 12 quake killed more than 220,000 people and left 1.3 million homeless. Evacuations of tent cities across Port-au-Prince were meanwhile being ramped up Saturday, including the first few hundred from the overcrowded camp at the Petionville golf club, which is prone to mudslides and flooding, to a new location 20 kilometers (12 miles) away. About 7,335 people, including some 1,300 families, have sought shelter on national stadium’s artificial turf since it was opened up to victims after the disaster, according to authorities — but their welcome has come to an end. Authorities have been racing to get shelter for Haitians still without homes ahead of the start of the rainy season. Hundreds of Haitians have died in past years in their flood-prone country, swept away by landslides or drowned in flooding. Flooding in Haiti is exacerbated by widespread deforestation as people cut down trees and bushes to build cooking fires.last_img read more

Ukraine Protests in Kiev Rage On Amid Bloody Clashes [Live Video]

first_imgThe protests that have raged in the Ukraine for more than two months escalated Tuesday as nine people, including two police officers, reportedly died when the opposition and riot officers faced off in Independence Square, the tent city thousands have occupied since the beginning days of the anti-government movement. Protesters reportedly set fire to barricades, piles of trash and old tires and rubbish in an attempt to hold back the authorities, who earlier broke through the barrier in an attempt to reclaim the square from the dissenters.The New York Times reported that the death toll was likely to rise as the intensity of the fighting remained at a fevered pitch. The demonstrations were sparked by President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision in November to spur a European Union trade pact for closer ties with Russia and its president Vladimir Putin.Yanukovych recently authorized the release of all protesters involved in the movement, but the concessions made by the government did little to quell the unrest. “I don’t want to wage war,” Yanukovych was quoted as saying. “I want to safeguard the state and resume a stable development. We are asking the opposition to also make concessions.” Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York last_img read more

DCCF gives out a surprise grant and scholarship

first_imgGreensburg, IN—The Decatur County Community Foundation is excited to announce a SURPRISE GRANT AND SCHOLARSHIP! A few weeks ago, They asked some of our past grantees and scholars to share a little more about the impact that DCCF programming has had on their lives. They received over 20 new stories that will be sharing in the weeks to come. Those who provided their feedback were entered to win a surprise grant or scholarship, and the winners have been drawn!A $500 surprise grant will go to New Directions and a $500 scholarship will go to Nicole Ploeger as she continues her education at St. Mary’s College.last_img read more

Submissions for the 2020 Hoosier Women Artists Contest now accepted

first_imgStatewide—Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, along with Treasurer Kelly Mitchell and the Indiana Arts Commission announced details for the 2020 Hoosier Women Artists contest.“This is one of the highlights of my job, and one that I look forward to every year,” said Crouch. “Each artist has their own unique story and they always find a beautiful way to express themselves. I cannot wait to see the artwork this year and meet the incredible and talented women behind the pieces.”Since 2008, the Hoosier Women Artists program has celebrated and further expanded the important role art plays in our communities by showcasing the work of talented women artists throughout the state.The theme of the 2020 Hoosier Women Artists competition will be a celebration of women and commemoration of the women’s suffrage centennial anniversary. Artists are encouraged to submit pieces related to this theme, expressed in the artists’ own interpretation. Mitchell said winners of the Hoosier Women Artists contest will have their artwork displayed in her office and the Lt. Governor’s office at the statehouse for one year to be enjoyed by the thousands of school groups, visitors and staff who explore the building annually.Additionally, pieces of art will also be selected by First Lady Janet Holcomb, Secretary of State Connie Lawson, Auditor Tera Klutz, Chief Justice Loretta Rush and Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick to display in their respective offices and the Governor’s residence.Submissions may be made on the Indiana Art Commission’s Onine Application System from today through January 31, 2020. Applicants will need to create a username and password and select Hoosier Women Artists as the program name.Requirements include:Framed wall art only;Maximum dimensions (including frame): 42” x 60”;Maximum weight: 60 lbs.;Must be installation-ready, including frame and hanging wires; andSubmit one entry per artist to be considered.A reception will be held on March 4, 2020, at the Indiana Statehouse to honor the selected artists.last_img read more