Watch This Stunning Orchestral Interpretation Of The Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post”

first_imgThe Five-Week Summer Performance Program at Berklee College of Music takes place every summer, with jams, open mics, and student performances galore. The renowned program brings students together from all over the world to celebrate music and study their instruments together. Last summer, the string department had a special piece to deliver to audiences, performing a striking rendition of “Whipping Post” by the Allman Brothers Band, which was directed and arranged by Berklee’s own Mimi Rabson. Of course, the Allman Brothers Band cover served as a tribute to founding members Butch Trucks and Gregg Allman, who both passed away earlier in the year. The Five-Week string orchestra’s selection seems to have resonated with fans of the Allman Brothers, as it quickly made its rounds through the Internet. Their unique interpretation of the 1969 Live At Fillmore East classic is awe-inspiring, with the expert cohort of young musicians doing justice to the challenging number and its orchestral arrangement.You can watch the Five-Week String Orchestra interpretation of the Allman Brothers Band’s “Whipping Post” below.last_img read more

Students honored

first_imgBy Brad HaireUniversity of GeorgiaSeven University of Georgia students in Tifton, Ga., were honoredfor their community work during a national conference inGainesville, Fla., Jan. 12-14.The UGA Tifton ambassadors received the National Award ofExcellence in Service at the 11th annual National AgricultureAmbassador Conference. The students received a plaque and $500.The money will be used to further the ambassador program inTifton, said Donna Webb, UGA Tifton academic program coordinatorand ambassador advisor.”I’m very proud of our ambassadors,” Webb said. “It proves thatno matter how small an organization may be, great things canhappen if everyone works together for the common goal.”The ambassadors are Victoria Wells-Barrett, Chris Tyson, Stephanie Summerlin, Gerome Morgan, Derrick Davis, Blake Branch and Stuart McKinney.They are the official hosts of the UGA Tifton campus, about 180miles south of Atlanta. They were singled out for their overallservice to charitable works in and around Tifton.The group helps with recruitment and coordinates specialcharitable events. Among these were a Relay for Life team and aUnited Way Toys for Tots collection.They also created the “Comforts from Home Campaign.” In thisprogram, they collected items for soldiers serving in Iraq. Theseincluded letters and pictures from elementary school kids.At the conference, the students conducted a workshop, “Have youpaid your rent?” It’s based on the quote, “Service to others isthe rent you pay for your room here on earth,” attributed toboxer Muhammad Ali.More than 400 participants from 45 universities nationwideattended the conference.”The students were able to learn more about the future ofagriculture, strengthen their leadership skills and network withcollege students from across the country,” Webb said.”Being an ambassador has allowed me the opportunity to beinvolved in all facets of the Tifton campus and strengthen myleadership skills,” said Morgan, a junior and president of theTifton ambassador program.David Bridges, UGA assistant dean for the UGA Tifton campus,commended the group.”These students and their advisors quickly adopted thewhatever-it-takes philosophy that has made the UGA Tifton programsuch a success,” he said. “Commitment and hard work have paidoff for these students.”Students in Tifton can get a four-year UGA degree without goingto the university’s Athens campus. The Tifton program began inthe fall 2003. With 57 students now, it has majors in agriscienceand environmental systems and agricultural education.(Brad Haire is a news editor with the University of GeorgiaCollege of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

Vladimir Padrino: Power in the Shadows in Venezuela

first_imgBy Julieta Pelcastre/Diálogo May 19, 2020 Venezuelan Army General Vladimir Padrino, minister of Defense for the Nicolás Maduro regime, was among the U.S. Department of Justice’s March list of wanted individuals, accused of being part of the Cartel of the Suns’ narcotrafficking and terrorism network.Padrino controls food distribution and leads 11 of Venezuela’s 32 ministries. He is practically a head of government in the shadows, and he has even managed to outweigh Diosdado Cabello (head of the illegitimate Constituent National Assembly), Mexican newspaper El Universal reported in March 2019.“The United States, Canada, and the European Union have sanctioned almost 75 percent of the Venezuelan military’s high command,” Rocío San Miguel, head of Venezuelan nongovernmental organization Citizen Control, a security and defense watchdog, told Diálogo.Padrino not only takes advantage of his position to allow narcotrafficking aircraft to fly over Venezuelan airspace, but has also set up at least 24 companies in the United States and Venezuela through his wife and family members. He also profits from lucrative state contracts, investigative journalism organization Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project said in its April 10 article The General and His Corporate Labyrinth.“What is surprising is that Padrino has reached this level of recklessness by placing his relatives in formal structures to make them untouchable, laundering illicit money from drug, arms, mineral, and hydrocarbon trafficking,” Jorge Serrano, a scholar at the Center for Higher National Studies in Peru, told Diálogo. “The military officer is the strong man who holds Maduro in power.”“The minister of Defense has two sides: one as an exemplary and patriotic service member, and the other as a corrupt service member who conducts espionage activities on U.S. soil with the support of Cuban advisers and strategists,” Serrano added. “The Venezuelan intelligence service is totally infiltrated by Cuba.”Padrino was part of the Chavista government and maintained his loyalty to the regime during the 2002 coup that ousted Hugo Chávez for a few days. He moved up through the ranks until he became Maduro’s right-hand man.“For several years he has been responsible for supervising the Bolivarian indoctrination in all the vocational trainings, institutions, schools, and universities of the Armed Forces to exert direct control over soldiers,” Serrano said. “Padrino should already be retired, because he has served five years in the Ministry of Defense, but it’s not easy for Maduro to make changes while facing so much fear; he prefers balance in power,” San Miguel added.Serrano and San Miguel agree that there is no real loyalty and trust among Maduro’s inner circle. “That loyalty is driven by economic profit, not ideology. The senior military leaders are addicted to the economic profits they obtain from the state and its companies,” Serrano said. “It’s not only the high command that fills their pockets with millions of dollars. Corrupt money trickles down to mid-levels in the Armed Forces.”“This doesn’t impact the National Bolivarian Armed Forces’ true soldiers, so the transition will be decided by Venezuelan service members. They are the key to this process,” San Miguel concluded.last_img read more

Pink ‘warteg’ seeks to be different

first_imgJohari, 58, decided in 2000 to change the color of his warteg (a type of food stall) to pink from green and yellow. His warteg, called Warteg Pink and located on Jl. Palbatu I in Tebet district in South Jakarta, had been green and yellow since it was established in 1993. In the 2000s, some warteg in Jakarta started to use pink.”The idea is just to be different from the other warteg,” Johari, who came from Tegal, Central Java, said on Sunday. “As many people recognize us by this color, our warteg has become a sort of landmark in the neighborhood.”A warteg refers to a traditional food stall, the name is derived from warung Tegal, or Tegal food stall. Tegal is on the northern coast of Java. Warseto, a 35-year-old laborer at a small kiosk in Palmerah district in West Jakarta, had his dinner with a colleague on Sunday evening at a warteg called Warteg Selera.”I always go to a warteg, because it’s fast, cozy for a little hang-out and the food is more affordable than other restaurants,” Warseto, who had just started his current job two days previously, said on Sunday. “This feels like home.”During Warseto’s 17-year time living in Bandung, West Java, he also went to warteg both for lunch and dinner. His preference for warteg is partly due to his Javanese cultural background.”The warteg’s owner was like a brother to me. It was easy to talk with someone with the same cultural background,” said Warseto, who was born and raised in Purwokerto in Banyumas regency, which is south of Tegal regency.Warteg Selera, which is located on Jl. Palmerah Barat, is another warteg with a different color scheme: yellow and brown. The colors follow those of a coffee company that has sponsored Warteg Selera since 2016, according to Ardhi Ghizali, a 20-year-old who manages the warteg, which his parents started in 1997.”I did not want to paint it green and yellow, so it stands out among the warteg in the neighborhood,” Ardhi, who started helping his parents managing the warteg after he finished high school in 2015, said on Sunday. “But I also want to have my own color and not the sponsor’s.”Previously, Warteg Selera was painted red and black, also based on the color of another coffee company sponsoring its operations. Many food and beverage brands partner with warteg to promote their products. A yellow and green ‘warteg’, called Warteg Mandiri Jaya, on Jl. Rawamangun Selatan in Pulo Gadung district in East Jakarta is seen on Sunday. (JP/Dzulfiqar Fathur Rahman)Still, warteg in Jakarta are mostly green and yellow. Warteg Mandiri Jaya, located on Jl. Rawamangun Selatan in Pulo Gadung district in East Jakarta, is painted green and yellow with a few pink additions although there is no obligation to do so, according to Laila, the 23-year-old owner. The warteg, which books a daily revenue of between Rp 700,000 and Rp 800,000, was only established in September.”I want the colors to be bright, so it looks good, clean and comfortable when people see the warteg,” Laila, who came from Brebes regency in Central Java in 2018, said on Sunday. (dfr)Topics : A warteg is traditionally furnished with wooden benches and the food is kept on glass shelves to store the food. They are often brightly colored in greens and yellows, but there is no obligation for anyone to paint their food stalls in such colors, said Johari. The colors are not representative of Tegal, which is commonly associated with its seaside location.Johari’s Warteg Pink, which operates from 6:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. every day, has many things in common with other warteg, except for the paintjob. The warteg offers affordable homemade dishes, including various types of fish, chicken, beef, egg, sautéed vegetables, fried tempeh and tofu. Its best-selling dishes are omelet, orek (stir fried tempeh) and soto — a broth of meat and vegetables.Many Jakarta residents frequent warteg, which are commonly found in cities across Java, both for lunch and dinner mainly because of their low prices, a meal usually costing less than Rp 20,000 (US$1.40). A yellow and brown ‘warteg’, called Warteg Selera, on Jl. Palmerah Barat in Palmerah district in West Jakarta is seen on Sunday. (JP/Dzulfiqar Fathur Rahman)last_img read more

US considers sanctions on Belarusians for election fraud, violence against protesters

first_imgThe United States is considering imposing sanctions on seven Belarusians it believes were involved in falsifying the results of the Aug. 9 election and in violence against peaceful protesters, a senior State Department official said on Tuesday.The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the United States could consider imposing sanctions on Russia if it were to intervene overtly with force in Belarus, where protests erupted after an Aug. 9 election that the opposition says was rigged to prolong President Alexander Lukashenko’s 26-year rule.The official provided the most detailed description to date of US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun’s talks in Moscow last week, in which he warned senior Russian officials against the overt use of force in Belarus, which is sandwiched between Russia and the NATO Western security alliance. Russian President Vladimir Putin last week said he had set up a reserve police force to support Lukashenko if necessary, but he saw no need to deploy them for now.A former Soviet republic, Belarus maintains close political, economic and cultural ties to Russia and belongs to a Russia-led military alliance. The two are also joined by a treaty that, at least on paper, proclaims a “union state,” which Putin has sought to develop into more of a political and economic reality.Lukashenko denies electoral fraud and has shown no sign of backing down despite the threat of Western sanctions. The US official did not name the seven Belarusians it may target, and he noted that Lukashenko already is under US sanctions.”We’ve got a group of seven people that we are working with Treasury for the evidentiary package” to impose sanctions, the official told Reuters, saying that the United States was likely to discuss the punitive measures publicly in the coming days. Topics :center_img “It is a minimal effort to … not just name and shame but to show that when people both steal elections and commit violence against peaceful protesters exercising fundamental freedoms of assembly and speech that there needs to be some accountability,” added the official.A person who answered the telephone at the Belarusian embassy in Washington said any questions should be asked directly to the government in Minsk.The US official said Biegun made clear last week in talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and others “that there would be consequences in the US-Russian relationship were the Russians to intervene overtly with force in Belarus.”Biegun said this would be the case whoever wins the Nov. 3 US presidential election because “the bipartisan sentiment in Congress will set the guardrails and the possibilities for the US-Russian relationship,” the official said.The deputy secretary of state “didn’t go into the specifics. It was just, ‘If you thought the last four years were bad, the next four will be worse,'” said the US official.While US President Donald Trump has sought to improve relations with his Russian counterpart, the Trump administration also has tightened US sanctions on Russia and rotated US troops into NATO ally Poland, moves Moscow dislikes.There is also deep unease in the US Congress over the view of American intelligence agencies that Russia worked to influence the 2016 US election in favor of Trump and is doing so again ahead of the Nov. 3 election pitting the Republican president against Democratic former Vice President Joe Biden.While the US official did not name the seven Belarusians Washington may sanction, he did say that five of them were sanctioned by Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on Monday.The three Baltic countries imposed travel bans on Lukashenko and 29 other Belarusian officials, signaling impatience with the West’s cautious approach by announcing sanctions without waiting for the rest of the European Union.The US official said the seven people the United States may sanction would be targeted under an executive order signed by then-US President George W. Bush.Executive Order 13405, signed in 2006, targets those who “undermine democratic processes or institutions in Belarus” or who perpetrated or were responsible for “human rights abuses related to political repression.” Among other things, it freezes any assets those designated may have under US jurisdiction.The EU, the US official said, was unlikely to impose its own sanctions until late September or early October given the time taken by its process, which typically involves coordination among its 27 members.last_img read more

Barcelona president could ‘go to prison’ if he sells Messi

first_imgBarcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, could go to prison if he allows Lionel Messi to leave the club this summer. That’s according to Spanish football expert Guillem Balague, who said Bartomeu needs to do everything in his power to keep the Argentinian or face being accused of “mishandling assets”. Messi sparked the biggest transfer saga of the summer last month by handing in a transfer request at Barca, informing club officials of his desire to leave via burofax. After 16 years at the Nou Camp he is now seeking a new challenge, with reports suggesting Manchester City are leading the race for his signature. However, Barca are not prepared to let him go that easily, stressing that the player still has a year remaining on his current contract – which includes a £630million release clause. read also:Barcelona vow to take Messi, Man City to court if…Advertisement Promoted ContentYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of Anime7 Reasons Why You Might Want To Become A VegetarianBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemBest Car Manufacturers In The World6 Incredibly Strange Facts About HurricanesPlus-Size Girls Who Set The Catwalk On Fire6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show YouCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreWhat Is A Black Hole In Simple Terms?The Untold Truth Of Sasha Obama Messi believes he is a free agent, nonetheless, due to another clause in the deal which reportedly allowed him to leave at the end of the 2019/20 campaign. The Catalans claim that clause expired on June 10, despite the season eventually concluding much later following the coronavirus pandemic, and will therefore only sell if a potential suitor activates his hefty release clause. Messi has since taken matters into his own hands, refusing to turn up for pre-season training and Covid-19 tests at the club on Sunday. The six-time Ballon d’Or winner is now embroiled in a bitter legal dispute with Barca, which undoubtedly marks a sour end to his legendary stint at the Nou Camp. Yet Balague has explained why Bartomeu needs to “fight Messi’s departure till the end” this summer, suggesting the Barca president could face jail time if he cashes in on him. He posted on Twitter: “Reasons for Barto to insist on Messi staying. The coach wants him (when [Ronald] Koeman asked Barto, ‘do I have Messi’, president said, ‘yes’. Next day Jorge Messi rang Barto to tell him again that his son wants to go). Koeman has suggested that he’s make a strong team without Messi too. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Loading… last_img read more

Stief masters field to win first-ever Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series feature

first_imgRick Stief won the first-ever Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series feature Sunday at Bridgeport Speedway. (Photo by Rick Sweeten) By Erika Palmai-WagnerBRIDGEPORT, N.J. (April 30) – Rick Stief scored his second career Racesaver 305 Sprint Car victory in the first-ever Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series event Sunday at Bridgeport Speedway.Stief started fourth and took the lead on lap 14 after early race leader Ryan Stillwaggon’s engine expired while maintaining over a straightaway gap on Stief and the rest of the field.Stief then won the 20-lap feature event over Tim Tanner, Tommy Carberry, Mark Bitner and Dave Brown Jr. Nineteen IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars signed in at the back gate for their first event as a newly-sanctioned series.“I honestly had no idea that I was leading the race until I took the checkered flag and looked over at the scoreboard,” Stief admitted post-race. “I knew I was catching Ryan, but I was pretty fo­cused on maneuvering the lapped traffic I had in front of me, so I had no idea.  But I’m glad that I was finally able to win one this way, instead of losing one this way.”Stillwaggon gained the lead after a first-lap duel with Tanner. He reached heavy lapped traffic by midway and maintained a blistering pace before his engine gave out.Inheriting the front running position unknowingly due to no caution being brought out, Stief contin­ued to master lapped traffic for six more circuits while holding almost more than a half a track dis­tance over Tanner.“I’m going to be racing with both the Pennsylvania Sprint Series as well as with the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series when my schedule allows but I just enjoy being able to travel around to different tracks and racing with these great group of people,” Stief said. “The new management of the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series is a passionate group of people who enjoy our sport and I think I can speak for most people when I say that their efforts are appreciated and I look forward to what this sea­son has to bring.”Next up on the Engler Machine & Tool-sponsored Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series schedule is a co-sanc­tioned points event with the Pennsylvania Sprint Series at Susquehanna Speedway Park on May 20.Feature results – 1. Rick Stief; 2. Tim Tanner; 3. Tommy Carberry; 4. Mark Bitner; 5. Dave Brown Jr.; 6. Joe Kay; 7. Stef Carberry; 8. Eddie Wagner; 9. Jamie Kostic; 10. Jeff Geiges; 11. Bryant Davis; 12. Bobby Scherff; 13. Keith Anderson; 14. Doug Snow; 15. Craig Pellegrini; 16. Harris Kohen; 17. Gabe Fox; 18. Ryan Stillwaggon; 19. Sam Lieberman.last_img read more

Summer showing persuaded Claudio Ranieri to sign Demarai Gray

first_img After seeing him live for the first time, Ranieri launched a failed attempt to sign the winger but this week he finally got his man after meeting Gray’s £3.75million release clause in his contract at Birmingham. “I watched some matches before playing against Birmingham and already I saw he was very good. But when we played against him I thought: ‘he is fantastic’,” said Ranieri, who is likely to give Gray his Leicester debut at Tottenham in the FA Cup on Sunday. “He was a very good player. He was fast, dribbled well and passed the ball well, he was a hard worker. “We tried to buy him at the beginning of the season and it wasn’t possible but now it is possible so we bought him. “I saw my team and thought about how we could improve. I am sure Demarai Gray will improve my team. “I think he is also for now. He can help me to give some rests when some wingers are tired.” Gray has represented England at Under-20 level and Birmingham boss Gary Rowett has already tipped the Blues academy product for full international honours. Ranieri also thinks his new acquisition has the potential, adding: ” We bought him because I think he has a very good future. Gray was already on Ranieri’s radar after the Italian had watched videos of Birmingham in preparation for the pre-season friendly between the two sides. But the 19-year-old really caught the attention of the Leicester manager during the game at St Andrew’s on August 1, capping an impressive display by scoring a superb goal with a shot from outside the area. Claudio Ranieri has admitted that Demarai Gray’s performance against Leicester in the summer made up his mind about trying to sign the talented teenager. “For this reason I didn’t buy him just for this season, because in my opinion he is one of the very good young players in England.” As he did in the League Cup this season, Ranieri will again make wholesale changes to his team in the FA Cup. However, the Italian insists it is a competition he wants to do well in as he sets out on the road to Wembley for the first time since he was Chelsea boss a decade ago. “We will change a lot, because these players deserve a chance to play. But our mentality won’t change. I try to do the best in each competition,” said Ranieri, who will be without leading scorer Jamie Vardy for the third-round tie as the 15-goal striker recovers from minor groin surgery. “I am very motivated. I have never been to Wembley and I would love to be at Wembley.” Press Associationlast_img read more

Australia pacer Jhye Richardson undergoes further shoulder surgery

first_imgMELBOURNE: Australia pacer Jhye Richardson has undergone another surgery to stabilise the shoulder he dislocated last year and doctors are hopeful that with no cricket around at this time of the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it would help him in the recovery.Richardson had an operation on his right shoulder late last month, the same shoulder he dislocated during a match against Pakistan more than a year ago that sidelined him for six months, reported. The 23-year old already missed the World Cup and Ashes tour due to his dislocated shoulder. “All the ligaments become loose when you do dislocate and then the surgery essentially involves tightening things up,” CA’s head of sports science, Alex Kountouris, told News Corp. “A lot of other players have had that in the past. We’re hoping that will fix the problem. “It’s a lengthy surgery but it does give him an opportunity now that we’re not going to play until…September, October, November or December…he’s obviously a chance with that.” “It was nasty (the original injury). He dived with a lot of force on his arm. It was something that was quite bad. It’s probably not surprising he’s had ongoing symptoms and not surprising in general for cricketers because they do need their shoulders to be fairly mobile.” Richardson has scalped 24 wickets in 13 ODIs and six wickets in two Tests which were against Sri Lanka in early 2019. IANS Also Read: Want to do well for West Indies in all formats, not just Tests: Jason Holder Also Watch: Sellers take advantage of helplessness of panic stricken citizens by overpricing commoditieslast_img read more

Fine allegations : Affidavit states Laurie Fine had sexual relationship with basketball players

first_img Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on January 30, 2012 at 12:00 pm Contact Liz: [email protected] | @3sawyercenter_img UPDATED: Jan. 31, 11:22 a.m.The wife of Bernie Fine had sexual relations with multiple basketball players, according to an affidavit by Fine’s first accuser, the New York Daily News reported late Monday night.Former ball boy Bobby Davis states in the affidavit he overheard Fine’s wife, Laurie, discuss performing oral sex on players as well as the ‘specific size and physical attributes’ of their genitalia with another coach’s wife, according to the article.Syracuse University fired Fine, then an associate men’s basketball coach, on Nov. 27 following sexual molestation allegations from Davis and Davis’ stepbrother, Mike Lang. Fine was terminated the same day ESPN released an audiotape in which Laurie Fine acknowledged she feared her husband had an inappropriate relationship with Davis.The former coach has not been charged with any crimes and maintains his innocence.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textIt has been previously reported that Davis and Laurie Fine had sex when Davis was a high school senior, according to the article.The affidavit was filed Monday in the New York Supreme Court by attorney Gloria Allred, according to the New York Daily News article. Allred also filed a defamation lawsuit on behalf of Davis and Lang in early December.The December lawsuit claimed SU men’s basketball head coach Jim Boeheim defamed the alleged victims when he said they were lying about being sexually abused by Fine, who is also Boeheim’s neighbor.‘I believe Boeheim deliberately chose to ignore what he knew was improper behavior, or actually knew precisely what was happening and did nothing to intervene,’ Davis said in the affidavit, according to the article.‘It is not only Fine’s relationship with me and other boys that would have tipped Boeheim off. For years, Bernie Fine’s wife Laurie Fine had sexual relationships with basketball team players. Players used to talk openly about it as a known fact,’ Davis continued.According to the affidavit, when Davis told Fine about Laurie Fine’s off-court relations with other players, he said, Fine ‘gave no reaction to my statement at all, indicating it was not a surprise, not a big deal. It was impossible that James Boeheim did not know.’Court documents state Davis accompanied Laurie Fine to a player’s off-campus house in 1993, according to the article. Laurie Fine and the player went into the player’s bedroom, and when the player came out, he fist-pumped the air and bragged that he had just had sex with the assistant coach’s wife, according to the article.Years later, Laurie Fine talked about having sex with players and described their ‘physical attributes’ to another coach’s wife while Davis drove them around Syracuse, according to the article.Allred said that the affidavit filed Monday is extremely important to her client’s case.‘If Laurie Fine was having multiple sexual relationships with basketball players then the University must explain how this could have been taking place for years right under Coach Boeheim’s nose without him being aware of it and without the University doing anything about it,’ she said in an email.Kevin Quinn, SU’s senior vice president for public affairs, could not immediately be reached for [email protected]—Asst. News Editor Marwa Eltagouri contributed reporting to this article. last_img read more